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Local Owner Recognized as “Rockstar Franchisee” by Franchise Business Review

Monday, April 8, 2019 Posted under General 

Michael Scroope, Apex franchisee in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, just received the Rockstar Franchisee Award from Franchise Business Review. That’s a pretty big feat considering Michael has only been an Apex franchisee for about a year and a half!

In fact, in his first year as an Apex franchisee, Michael and his team raised nearly $1 million for schools in his local community. Even more impressive is they are on track to double that number by the end of his second year. 

A former employee of Corporate America, living and working in New York, commuting and traveling all the time, Michael made the decision to leave that lifestyle in favor of something else. Something better. Something that he craved — a career that would truly make an impact on the world around him. So he, his wife Karen and their two young children (now they have three!), left the hustle bustle of big city living and moved to North Carolina. Michael immediately began to immerse himself in the local community and network to find what he was looking for in the next phase of his career, which he describes as three-fold.

“I knew I wanted to do something where I could positively impact children across a large area and make a strong impact on the community,” Michael says. “I also want my children to look up to me and think, ‘Wow, Dad has the best job in the world.’”

With that, he found Apex. Upon hearing about the format and programs, and connecting with Apex’s own Jeremy Barnhart, Michael admits he was 99.9 percent convinced Apex was the right fit prior to even flying out to meet Jeremy and seeing an Apex program in motion first hand with a San Diego franchise. After that experience, he was 100 percent sold.

Of receiving the Rockstar Franchisee Award from Franchise Business Review, Michael admits he is honored to be even recognized, especially so early on in his venture with Apex. “I’m super grateful and appreciative,” he adds. “Apex is such a blast and the reward is the impact that we are making every day.”

The Rockstar Franchisee Award is composed of more than 27,000 surveys, across more than 300 leading franchise brands to pinpoint the “best of the best in franchising today,” according to Franchise Business Review. The organization then narrows the search to just a few hundred candidates that are “very much worthy of the title of rockstar.” 

While there are other school fundraising programs in the area, Michael says he works hard to differentiate his franchise by treating the relationships they form with each school PTA/PTO as a privilege. “It is our honor to be able to serve them — so we want to take their experience to the next level by asking for feedback and taking into account for the future, calling to check-in and keeping communication open,” Michael says, adding, “It’s our job as a service-based business to raise the funds they need to be successful. But it’s just as important to build future strong leaders in the community.” His Apex franchise will go the extra mile as DJ’ing school dances and festivals outside of the Apex program at no charge because Michael says he wants to be more than just a two-week program for these organizations, he wants to go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with organizations he partners with — and truly see the impact of his efforts.

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That's terrific, congratulations to Michael and Apex!

posted by Sheila Holts at 4/17/2019 4:29:07 PM

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