Those looking for a business opportunity in the world of owning a franchise understand that there is a multitude of options. However, the characteristics of franchise companies vary greatly so it’s important to do some due diligence to find the right one, particularly in the case of a fundraising franchise or education franchise opportunities. Apex Leadership Co. offers some tips and things to consider when looking for a good educational franchise opportunity. 

Positive Community Contribution

Ultimately, there are several ways to make a franchise successful — but two key elements are a solid, reputable corporate company with a proven business model and commitment from the franchise owner (yes, hard work is required!). But what’s more rewarding for business owners than seeing the fruits of their labors? … Especially in the case of a fundraising franchise, that benefits children. In fact, that’s one of the things potential franchisees should look for when seeking franchise opportunities. Many people that seek education franchise opportunities are not only looking to make a difference in their own lives, but also the lives of others. For example, Apex Leadership Co. is built around the concept of safe, no-hassle fundraising that also teaches kids impactful leadership skills and the importance of fitness through fun and energetic formats. By helping to instill positive character traits in students now, these programs are actually creating the future leaders of tomorrow — and that impacts everyone in a positive way.

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Low Cost

Depending on the franchise, entry point costs and other fees can cost a pretty penny. Fundraising franchise seekers should take an in-depth look at those costs before taking the leap. Apex Leadership Co. franchise owners note the ability to ramp to profitability very quickly upon developing their branches — generating a revenue stream within the first month or two using the proven business model. The ability to quickly turn a profit is certainly vital to business owners and this one factor largely contributes to what makes a good education franchise.

Flexibility and Freedom

Franchise owners are looking to become their own bosses — and often seek the freedom and flexibility to run their branch the way they want to but with some guidance from the home office. Apex Leadership Co., for example, offers franchisees the support, encouragement, training, tools, and resources to build their own brand in their marketplace. One of the biggest benefits of the Apex Leadership Co. model is that it aligns with a typical school year — so franchise owners with families of their own never have to worry about late nights, emergency phone calls, or getting called in for an extra shift during the holidays because they don’t schedule events or programs during seasonal breaks or over the summer. So in addition to the freedom of being one’s own boss, the model of the Apex franchise also allows franchisees to have the flexibility they desire and not be tied down to a typical daily schedule.

Corporate Leadership and Culture

The highly trained management team at Apex Leadership Co. is there for franchise owners from the very first step and they create a sense of community and family among the franchisees. Apex franchise owners also report the home office’s supportive attitudes, true interest in franchise owners’ successes, and the availability (and ability!) to help with any roadblocks that arise make all the difference in defining a good educational franchise opportunity. 

Spreading Inspiration and Joy

Another key to what makes a good education franchise opportunity is not only the success and happiness that it brings to the franchise owners, but also that it spreads to the schools, students and their parents, and team members. Apex franchise owners say they find great joy and satisfaction knowing that they’ve helped schools maximize their fundraising efforts in a way that is hassle-free for parents and the school administration. 

Multiple Apex franchise owners also report the feeling of seeing a program first hand — witnessing the incredibly powerful impact the energetic Apex teams have on children, watching the kids, teachers and school staff alike get excited about the fundraising itself and the surrounding events, and ultimately seeing how much fun the kids have during the events. Beyond the classroom, Apex franchise owners also say that leading their teams is an incredibly rewarding part of the work they do. The ability to hire people that want to help the youth in their communities gives Apex franchise owners great satisfaction and they then have the opportunity to coach, lead and inspire their team members to grow with the company as well, helping to build future entrepreneurs. 

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A Proven Model… and the Ability to Pivot

As mentioned above, Apex Leadership Co.’s franchises are built upon a proven model that has seen rapid success since its inception with its very first program, the Apex Fun Run. Since that time, the company has grown to include franchises in more than 32 states around the country, with a suite of programs that serve elementary and middle schools as well as club and sports teams including Apex Remix, Obstacle Course, Color Battle for middle schoolers, and Anython. Through Apex Leadership Co.’s web-based fundraising programs that combine elements of fun and exercise, the company has helped raise more than $85 million (net) for 5,123 schools — including more than three million students. 

In addition, the company proved itself a worthy business model last year with the onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent school closures. Immediately, the founders set to work reimaging how they could continue to help serve schools and the nation’s youth at a time when they needed (and continue to need) it more than ever. They quickly developed and launch Apex Virtual, which to date provides schools and students with a variety of options for continuing the important work of fundraising — along with the inspirational lessons led by energetic Apex team members — through virtual formats, in-person formats for open schools, and hybrid-style formats that allow the school administration to select how they can still safely conduct fundraisers during these times. This alone showcases the company’s strength and adversity, both pillars of a solid business model. 

Those looking for a franchise know that there is a wide variety of options within the categories of education franchise and fundraising franchise opportunities. When seeking a company in which to align one’s self, looking at it from all possible angles can help make the decision. Many of the key factors that entrepreneurs are looking for in a franchise, and more, can be found at Apex Leadership Co. For more information about becoming a part of the Apex family and launching a new franchise, visit