Welcome to the Check-In Challenge!

Ready to spread the joy? Let’s go:

  • Call a grandparent or loved one who is alone at home right now.
  • Tell them you miss and love them, and you hope to see them soon.
  • Ask them to tell you what it was like when they were a kid. What great stories or advice do they have? What is their favorite memory?
  • Mark “Challenge Complete” below, then click the Share button and challenge at least two other people.

Apex will donate a meal to Feeding America for the first 1000 people that complete the challenge! If you’d like to make a donation to Feeding America, we’ve set up a donation page Click here to donate to Feeding America. 100% of the money raised will go to Feeding America, a US based non-profit with 200 food banks across America, to help families impacted by the national emergency. Please consider supporting the fundraiser – every dollar is appreciated.

Completed Challenges(96)

Name Check-in Location
Ryan S. Grandma patti California
Declan B. Grandma California
Ethan B. Mom California
Megan S. Nana California
Arriayah M. My grandparents California
Jack S. My Cousins California
Stella K. My parents California
Gray E. Great Grandpa California
Luming L. My mom California
Lisa T. Uncle Mike California
Victor S. My Mom California
Leslie S. Parents Utah
Kristen T. My mom Florida
Julie B. Former elderly single coworker Florida
Michelle A. My daughter Texas
Bob S . Sue L New-York
Anthony B. Mom Florida
Bob S. Rob C New-York
Alison S. Nana California
Bryce B. Grandpa Ben Arizona
Sarina Singh K. Grandparents Arizona
Kerri S. Tamara - Co Teacher/Friend California
Amanda D. My dad Arizona
Mary Ann S. Sister New-York
Carlos S Cazares C. My grandma Texas
Eric W. Mom Georgia
Vangee D. 80 and 85 yr old neighbors, neighbor with illness. Texas
Bryce B. Grandma Penny Arizona
Bryce B. Grandma Debbie Arizona
Becca H. PawPaw Texas
Becca H. Gammie Texas
Kim C. Gramma Sandi Texas
Carrie Y. Mom and Dad Tennessee
James S. Cousin at home alone Texas
Hannah P. Dad Texas
Chuck K. Dad Arizona
Allison L. My grandma Ohio
Nicol B. Mom Florida
Sarah H. Friend who’s birthday is today Ohio
Laura H. My mom and sister Ohio
Rob W. My Grandma and my uncle! Arizona
Jeremy B. Parents and In-Laws Arizona
Janet M. My niece New-York
Carrie B. Papa Texas
Brenda A. Grandma Washington
Casey Furtado F. Grandma Furtado California
Tammy R. Grandpa New-York
Breanna P. My dad Texas
Jay B. My father. aunt, and uncle North-Carolina
Sherry D. Friend Texas
John S. Mom and dad Florida
Terrance Mother New-York
Oscar Joe (friend) Texas
Chad Friend Texas
Martin Livingston A Family Friend Kentucky
Michael Brankin My neighbors Illinois
Suzanne Schultz Grandma & Grandpa North-Carolina
Lisa Grandmother Maryland
terri tyler and dad both doing well Select a State
Donna Kennedy Anne Kentucky
Mike Braeuer Mom Texas
Cari R My Mom Washington
Randy R Mom & Dad Washington
Brittany Swan My 90 year old nana who is home alone. Kentucky
Trudy Kamber My Mothet, texted Eunice, Shawn, Helen, Devon Kentucky
Michael Kamber Grandma Kentucky
Amy My nan in Australia. It was so fun to hear stories about how different things were when she was growing up! I learned at lot. Texas
Mike O Sister New-York
Lauri Van Oostrum-Reed Grandmother North-Carolina
Michael Scroope Sister / Aunt Kerri North-Carolina
Megan V Grandmother Texas
Jaclyn Neighbor Kansas
Donna O'Connor-Keil Becky daughter in law checked on new granddaughter Madelyn and family New-Jersey
Donna O'Connor-Keil Lisa - daughter checked my new grandson Asher and family New-Jersey
Alison Aunt Texas
Anthony Mom Texas
Nathan Hesselgrave Dad Texas
Kelly Fielder Grammy, Papa & Great Papa Missouri
Jennifer B Aunt Carol Arizona
Christina Kim Nathan Florida
Nicol Dad Kentucky
Angela Dad Louisiana
Mike K T. Mom Cambridge, Ontario
Lilly Grandma Chicago, IL
Kevin L. Mom Mansfield, TX
Ken M. Joe Jenkintown, PA
Karen Friend Effie Spencer, IA
Joe Teacher Irving, TX
Jason Casey, Kat Phoenix, AZ
Jason Eric Tulsa, OK
James Grandma Geneva, IL
Ilyse My aunt and uncle Abington, PA
Dominic Auntie Phoenix, AZ
Dina D. I went grocery shopping for my mom and delivered the groceries to her. STERLING, VA
Charles K. Uncle in SC Warminster, PA