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At Apex Leadership Co. we build tomorrow’s leaders today — while simultaneously raising more money for your school with our hassle-free fundraising approach for busy volunteers. Our powerful online fundraising platform maximizes your time and increases your reach for fundraising, all while our team of athletes does the heavy lifting and teaches PBIS-based leadership lessons. We combine fitness, fundraising and leadership into a powerful united event that builds your funds and your students’ character education.

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We build powerful leaders while raising more money than previously possible for our schools.

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Collect your fundraiser without paper forms or chasing people for payments.

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Apex Leadership Co. combines the power of a strong character curriculum with fitness that is fun.




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For teacher technology and STEM
Amount profited with previous
fundraiser: $15,000

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1st Year – $23,000
2nd Year – $29,000
3rd Year – $33,000
Ridgeview did their own fun run
for two years prior to Apex
Their average profit was
around $7,500

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for playground and STEM
Amount profited with previous
fundraiser: $15,000


Color Battle

Student Technology
Amount profited with previous fundraiser:

For teacher technology and STEM
Amount profited with previous fundraiser:


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For Football Team Equipment
Amount profited with previous fundraiser:

For Basketball Team Travel Expenses
Amount profited with previous fundraiser:


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“In 24 years of being in education and doing EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE fundraiser, APEX is by far the best on so many levels!!!!
– easy for teachers/staff/PTO
– character education piece is invaluable and very well done
– the physical activity aspect of it is great for this generation
-the APEX team members go above and beyond for EVERYONE!”

West Cypress Hills Elementary School Counselor

“APEX is an amazing program for so many reasons. Not only does it help our school and the teachers, it impacts our students directly. The connections that are made first hand with students make such a lasting impact. My kindergarten students get so excited to learn from the APEX leaders. They are engaged during lessons, excited during the duration of the program, and ecstatic to be apart of such an amazing experience. I am so proud to have been apart of the APEX program and look forward to more fun runs!”

Whitestone Elementary Teacher

“One of my students is really shy and one of the things I noticed was that his behavior started to change after the apex lessons. He would excitedly wait for the Apex team every day. He was so engaged and open for the activities. The apex team always included everyone and made sure to make everyone feel welcome and excited. My student has been interacting more with others and open to participate in our daily activities. Thank you so much for coming and making an impact in our students and faculty.”

Whitestone Elementary Teacher

“This is my second year having APEX at Whitestone Elementary. APEX brings a buzz, and excitement, to our school and I can feel it every time they’re here. Both years had great messages and lessons for children to take away with. This years GAME ON and to be a GAME CHANGER really stuck with my the kids. Most of my students are either on some sort of team, sports team, or love video games so they can relate to it in some aspect.
My favorite thing APEX does is inspire my students to be leaders and to recognize leadership in their classmates. I love watching my student’s face light up when they pass the cube off to another game changing leader. They treat it as if it is a grammy when they give speeches about each other. It confirms how APEX really impacts the relationships students have with each other. I’d notice students complementing each other more or rooting for each other more.
I am so thankful for APEX and the amount of high energy and valuable lessons they bring. They make the week so much fun and inspire every child, in new ways.”

Whitestone Elelmentary Teacher”

“Our experience with Apex Leadership was nothing short of outstanding! I’ve worked with similar fundraising organizations in the past, and the experience with Apex was far superior. The Apex team was fully invested in the unique needs of our school, and worked closely with us to customize the fundraising and event experience for our school community and culture. The Remix event, in particular, was a one-of-a-kind experience, and our students LOVED it. While other companies felt more “boxed,” the Apex approach was definitely out-of-the-box! From the first planning session to the event day, the customer service we received was unmatched. Our students, teachers, and families raved about how smooth and seamless the entire experience was, thanks to our Apex team!”

Principal, Elmwood Village Charter School – Days Park

American Leadership Academy Administrator, Paul Carpenter is excited to share this event with the community! “Our Elementary school community loves APEX FUN RUN! This fun annual event is one of the big highlights of our school year and has become a tradition at our school and part of our culture. The proceeds from it truly allow us, as a school, to purchase things for our teachers and our school that we otherwise simply would not be able to do!” “Among them are P.E. Equipment, much needed classroom and teacher materials and supplies, customized school T-shirts for all our students, a giant American Flag and so much more! With this year’s proceeds, we plan to get some really good security cameras, upgrade playground equipment and continue to improve our technology at our school,” says Carpenter. Carpenter continues, “I have been in education for 28 years and I have never seen a better program for the schools than Apex Leadership Company! The students learn empowering leadership skills from dynamic coaches, and the run itself is a giant annual community event that our families attend in great numbers. The run incorporates fitness, fun, the satisfaction of reaching goals as a team and also individual goals! What’s more, the amount of money that our school actually clears each year is truly amazing!” “We are thrilled to welcome back Apex this year, to help us raise more money than we were ever able to raise on our own. American Leadership Academy was the very first school in the Utah Market to adopt this new healthy fundraiser.” Apex Fun Run — The initial event developed by Apex Leadership Company that combines a two-week fundraising program based on social and digital media, culminating in a student fun run. High-energy team leaders encourage students to reach their potential not only in terms of fundraising and the race itself, but other essential characteristics such as respect, accountability and more.
“Apex Leadership Co. made our annual fundraiser both a positive learning experience for our students and a financial win for our PTA! Our students, staff and parents were pleased with the program and enjoyed having Apex on campus for two weeks. Our students were encouraged each day by their daily lesson and by getting their wrist bands and earning classroom incentives. The Fun Run day itself was so exciting and ran like clockwork. Our campus was kept clean and the kids absolutely loved the track, the tunnel, the music and the cheer brought by the Apex Team. Our PTA had to do very little after putting our trust in Apex! We will be returning customers next year!”

PTA President, Abbotts Creek Elementary School (Wake County – previously ran own Fun Run)

“Our PTO was so pleased with the Apex experience from start to finish! The Glow Remix party was an awesome way to change up our fundraising efforts. The way the party was run had something for everyone. It was safe and super fun at the same time, which is a winning combination for school events. We especially loved the team members whose interaction with our kids was top notch!
I loved how easy it was to feel involved in the process, but unburdened by details.
Here are 4 big things comparing with our previous fun run company:
#1… we liked the fact that no matter if a child had any pledges or not they still got something (bracelets) everyday!!!
#2… also we needed change up the fun run and Apex has the option of doing a glow dance party while instilling core values!
#3… one-time fee…. paying the fee and never paying that again as long as you sign up year after year
#4… with Apex our net profit was 3 times as much comparing with your previous fundraising!

Micah Ford – PTO – South Olive Elementary”

Why Choose Apex?

Elementary School fundraising events have been and will likely continue to be a critical part of how the best educational institutions fund their students’ futures. Let’s just be honest, while the United States is a fantastic country to settle down and make a living in, this nation hasn’t been very focused on maintaining a high standard of education for our children. Just look at the statistics: we are among the top countries in GDP and revenue every year but are consistently marginal in our education rankings! Our educational institutions and students, being the future of our country, have decided not to accept this fate. From this need, early and middle school fundraising functions were born.

Unfortunately, many fundraisers for elementary schools fall far short of their donation-raising goals. Even though the motivation behind many of these fundraising events is great, the execution, entertainment, overall energy, and ability to incorporate most of the students into the activities is usually lacking. The lack of any of these factors can lead to far fewer students, parents, and other community members wanting to get involved in the fundraiser. And unfortunately, all of these factors can lead to a drastically lower amount of donations that end up getting collected for the school.

That is why at Apex Leadership Co., we have designed a modern and extremely effective take on school fundraising. It is our main priority to design a comprehensive fundraising plan for your school that incorporates elements of physical fitness, entertainment, fun, and leadership lessons for the students that simply make everyone want to get involved. Once you combine our innovative strategies with our robust online platform (that was designed to vastly increase your fundraising reach while saving you ample time), your school can see your resulting donations increase dramatically at an astounding rate.