The abbreviation PTO stands for parent-teacher organization. In essence, a school PTO is a formal association of teachers, school staff, and parents. These types of parent-teacher organizations tend to provide similar support to the school and students as a typical affiliated PTA would. However, all PTO school associations are independent in their core values, priorities, and regulations, much like a charter school is. This is because the main guiding principle behind the development of PTOs is that every educational institution is tremendously unique and deserves to have their own individual goals and needs.

A PTO retains its independence because it is not affiliated with the National Parent Teacher Association (also called the National PTA) or any other educational support organization. While PTOs and the National PTA both champion parent participation, the official PTAs take a much more active role in enacting training and fundraising programs. In comparison, parent-teacher organizations only support one local school. By their nature, they do not pay any membership dues or pledge allegiance to any national umbrella association. This means that PTOs can utilize 100 percent of the funds that they raise for the students and school that they support.

PTOs keep their priorities straight without a national parent organization by establishing overall goals and maintaining a realistic mission statement. As a result of their nature, parent-teacher organizations are strong supporters of letting each school make their own personalized choices. In essence, PTOs believe that each school knows its own problems best and should be allowed to find out their own unique solutions.

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Here at Apex Leadership Co, we aim to bring you and your students a brand-new class of PTO fundraisers. Using a modern and innovative approach, we have helped multiple schools around the nation raise more money during their fundraising projects while simultaneously reducing the manpower and hassle associated with running these types of events. All of our programs engage the students with physical fitness, music, and entertainment aspects coordinated with PBIS-based leadership lessons. While many of our programs run for about two weeks, we make sure that it doesn’t make a large impact on the students’ and school staff’s schedule. We do this by inserting ourselves in key times during recess and lunch over multiple days before we end with the final climactic event in an hour-long period in between classes.

Please don’t hesitate to host your first Apex Leadership Co. fundraiser. It will be a positive occasion that the children will never forget while also helping earn donations to pave their educational future. Rest assured that these events are a breeze to handle for your school staff and parents. Our team of athletes and educators would be happy to do the heavy lifting necessary to set up the proper fundraising program for you! Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information on how to help do more for the leaders of tomorrow. You will not regret it!

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