No problem. If you have multiple students and at least one Access Code for a student, you can login with them first and then lookup your other student(s) by clicking “Add Student.” If you don’t have any Access Codes OR only have 1 student at this school Click Here and give us some info and we’ll be able to help you. Also, every teacher has a list of access codes at school, let your students know they can reach out to their coaches as well.

Pledge Per Unit means that you pledge a dollar amount for every unit (lap, fitness move, or act) that your student completes at the Apex Event (between 26-36 units, not more than 36). Simple Donation means that you pledge to pay a flat amount regardless of how many units your student completes. For example, you can pledge $1 per units or pledge $30 no matter what. Pledges per unit allow students to reach the goal, but either pledge works great!

No problem! If you have the student’s access code, below are the directions to edit a pledge. If you do not have the access code, you can contact us here (click on the first button below “Need an access code or have question about payment info ?”) and we will be happy to make the adjustment.

Pledges can be edited by going to the “My Pledges” page and clicking the “Edit” button below each sponsor. You can edit the name, email address, and phone number. If the sponsor paid by credit card, you cannot Edit the pledge. All pledges are locked in at midnight PST each night so that the Apex Fun Run team can coordinate prizes.

Not to worry. If you have the student’s access code, you can use the instructions above to Edit your duplicate pledge to $0. The duplicate pledge will then be removed from the student’s account. If you do not have the access code, you can contact us here and we will be happy to make the adjustment.
All students from Kindergarten up to our older students will run an average of 26-36 laps. Our laps are about 1/16 of a mile

Please login with the student’s access code to confirm that your pledge is not listed toward the bottom of the page. If not, we have not received your pledge. Please re-enter the pledge and check that your credit card information is accurate. If you do not have the access code, contact us here and we can help.

Click Edit My Event Profile on the student’s account. That will give you the option to edit the shirt size.

Please ensure the access code is entered in all capital letters, with no spaces.

Yes! You can submit cash or checks directly to the school. Checks are made payable to the school’s PTO/A.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST.

The awards are given to each student based on the pledge per lap amount raised. Pledges per lap are added to unlock each new prize level. Simple donations can also help students reach awards: $30 of simple flat donations are considered to be equal to $1 pledged per lap. So if someone gave $60 simple donation to the student, it would result in $2 per lap increase.

You can choose to enter your credit card info when you make your pledge. For per lap pledges, you will be charge after the race based on laps run (max of 36). You will also get a link to pay on your email.

After the race you will be charged based on the laps of your student, and you will get a receipt right afterwards (36 laps max). The teachers enter the lap results, so some could be off by a little bit. If the results are significantly different, you can Contact Us.

No. Credit cards make payment much easier and automated after the race, but you can also just pay by cash or check after the race. To do so, select “I’ll pay later” when making a pledge. We will send you an email after the race with payment information.

Yes please!!! The more parents the better! And we’ll have noise makers for you to cheer with.

All donations are made to each school or their PTO/A groups and not Apex, and can be written off as a tax deduction in most cases. To be sure you may want to double check with your school. Most importantly, for all tax matters we ask that you advise your accountant.

If any student is absent, sick or hurt, they will receive an automatic 30 units in the Apex system. This will allow sponsors to pay their donations if they still wish to help our school. For all top prizes ($30 & $50 per unit), students will need to complete at least 26 units and have all pledges collected before being awarded those prizes.