A PTA (which is an abbreviation for parent-teacher association) is a local group that is part of a larger organization known as the National Parent Teacher Association (or National PTA). This non-profit, formal membership institution has been around for over 105 years and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. As a matter of fact, the National PTA is the oldest and biggest volunteer organization in the country that is dedicated to benefiting children and adolescents.

Local groups (such as the PTA in your children’s school) can decide to be a part of the National PTA by abiding by certain state and national group regulations while also consistently paying the proper fees to the organization. However, participating in parent-teacher associations get quite a bit in return. These PTAs get valuable member benefits while also getting a voice in how the entire institution operates. The National PTA is also very careful to protect the integrity of its name and ensures that only dues-paying organization members can call themselves a true parent-teacher organization.

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The main goal of every fundraising activity is to raise money for other PTA projects and programs. Each project must support the charitable, educational, and philanthropic goals of the National PTA (as a tax-exempt organization). Since that National PTA keeps strict mandates, there are quite a few rules and regulations on how an official PTA fundraising activity needs to work. These regulations include:

  • All fundraising events need to be approved by association membership in advance of the event and the corresponding vote needs to be recorded in official minutes.
  • If the project in question has a long-term duration, it needs to be re-approved by the association membership every year it lasts for.
  • All projects must have a specific purpose.
  • All projects must be fun.
  • All events must involve as many members as possible without being a burden to parent volunteers or the school staff.
  • All projects cannot compete with, conflict with, or detract from other PTA, school, nutrition, or community programs and events.
  • All events must be free of any advertising or commercial obligations.
  • Each PTA needs to set its yearly activities by scheduling 3 non-fundraising programs for each fundraising project (often known as the 3-to-1 rule)
  • Students or children cannot be exploited to raise donations or sell items in a door-to-door fashion.
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