It’s that time again! Schools are opening up, students are headed back to class and Apex Leadership Co. is launching a brand-new theme! Each year the company develops a theme with important leadership and character lessons that are used throughout their two-week fundraising programs to help inspire, encourage and motivate students. 

This year’s theme is “As One” and includes habits of leadership to help students rise together — as one. Throughout each program, Apex Leadership Co.’s team members will be teaching students to:

Aspire! To aspire means to always strive for greatness and to reach for the stars when it comes to goals and what students want to achieve. But when it comes to anything anyone wants to accomplish, it can’t just be wished for — it has to be worked for. And that starts with — starting! 

The ability to self-start is another valuable lesson that students can take with them to succeed at any stage in life. It begins with that first step. And then the next one and the next one — all along the path to success!

Along their journeys, students are encouraged to “own it!” This message is designed to help students own who they are and what they do — and to take ownership and responsibility for those things. Tied into this message is the importance of accountability. 

Leaders aren’t just responsible for their actions, they are accountable for them, whether they are good or bad. But the Apex team members remind students that accountability isn’t about worry or stress. Their message is this: “Yesterday already happened, tomorrow hasn’t even come yet – so we don’t have to worry about it.” They encourage students to take their doubts, fears and worries, crush them down into a little ball and toss them out. 

The Apex Leadership Co. theme of the year closes out with one final important word of inspiration: energize. This is meant to help students radiate enthusiasm, love, joy and happiness — and to give those things to all the people around them. Because when they energize others, they in turn are energized by their feel-good efforts!

All year long Apex Leadership Co. team members will incorporate the As One theme into their lessons that are fun and engaging but that are also powerful learning lessons intended to help create strong leaders for the future! So… let’s rise — together!