Apex Leadership Company is built on a strong foundation of building tomorrow’s future leaders through fun and educational programming while also helping students and youth raise important funds for their schools and sports groups. In addition to helping youth on an individual community level, one of the most exciting parts of the organization is its growth rate. With the help of passionate branch owners, Apex Leadership Company is expanding across the country! With that, the Apex Leadership Company is proud to welcome Sean Gildea, who brought the Apex format to Hartford County, Connecticut in October of last year.

When Sean was looking to purchase a business through the help of a franchise broker, he admits he received a multitude of opportunities — but that nothing struck him like Apex. “I knew immediately that this was the opportunity for me,” he says. The former VP of marketing and business owner of a start-up baby apparel and gift company reveals his wide range of professional experience has helped him understand not only what is needed to start a business, but also how to make it grow.

Sean says that prior to his launch of his Apex branch late last year, few in his community had heard of fun-run style fundraisers, and even fewer have had any real experience with them. “For that reason when I am able to present the program the response has been overwhelmingly positive, which is exciting,” he says. This year, his first full year of owning and operating the Hartford County Apex branch, Sean’s goals are to build brand awareness, serve several schools with a solid program and positive experience that will encourage other schools to join the Apex family.