While kids are home from school for spring break — or an extended spring break due to recent nationwide safety mandates — it’s easy to spend a day caught up in video games, Netflix binges or simply Facetiming with friends in lieu of hangouts. However, while students are not in school, they still can benefit from some structure to keep their bodies — and their minds — active! Apex Leadership Company offers the following tips to help kids stay active while they are home from school.

Most people are saying “hands off!” to stay healthy, but there are some great “hands-on” activities that keep families engaged and busy (while also learning!) during break. From kinetic sand to board games, there are so many ways to stay hands on during the “hands off” pandemic. Check out this link for more ideas: Best Hands-on Activities for Families.

Sure, lots of jump zones and even parks may be closed, but that can’t stop kids from being physically active! Taking the dog for a walk, riding bikes, swimming in a heated pool (or not heated for those Polar Bear clubbers!), jumping rope, hop scotch or playing tag — there are endless physical games that kids (and parents!) can do to keep active (and get those wiggles out) during this break from school. Apex even has some quick Brain Break Videos to keep kids’ bodies moving and their energy up, including: 


Dance Fit: Cardio

Dance Fit: SlowFast

Dance Fit: Hero

Dance Fit: FitSquad


While museums and entertainment facilities are closed down during this time, many have opened up new ways to explore! Forget boarding a plane to Paris, families can simply log on to www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne for an online tour. Many other museums and educational outlets have free virtual tours and educational resources for families free of charge on their websites. For a list of virtual field trips, click here.

Instead of Netflix and chill, why not Netflix and learn — while taking the guilt out of an occasional binge in front of the tube! For a learning day that disguises itself as a relaxing lounge session, check out these 30 educational shows on Netflix. Don’t forget the popcorn!

When all else fails, get creative! Hide some items around the house and/or backyard and do a timed scavenger hunt; pull out a puzzle or a crossword; start a family book club; or create a quick “at home” PE class that is both fun and physical. During this time as families are encouraged to stay home to stay safe, they may find that there are lots of things to do at home that are educational, active and entertaining all at the same time! For a complete list of resources, click here and for more active learning ideas, visit Apex Leadership Company on Pinterest