Fall Break Ideas and Tips for Students and Families

For many students, October gives way to fall break – for some a week long reprieve from school, for others a few days leading into the weekend — that serves to give kids (and teachers!) some much-deserved time off as the first quarter of their school year comes to a close. Apex Leadership Company offers some fun and relaxing ideas for families and students during fall break.

Hit the Road — Nothing is more synonymous with school break than a road trip! Whether with family or friends (or both!), taking to the open road to explore a nearby town, city, country, beach or forest, a road trip is a quintessential school break activity that will build lifelong memories.

Take a Social Media Time-Out — For students in the ‘tween and teen years, social media is a big part of how they connect and communicate. However, social media can also add an extra layer of unnecessary stress to students lives in a multitude of ways. Parents can encourage their children to take a little “social media time out” during fall break, as well as a break from technology. Unplugging for a few days can be super refreshing and revitalizing.

… But Stay Connected — Unplugging doesn’t have to mean disconnecting with friends! Guardians can encourage kids to get together to play, hang out, go roller skating or take a bike ride, form a game of dodgeball at a local park… or anything that interests their group! Simply getting together, having fun and laughing without having to document every moment of it for social media is good for people of all ages! 

Keep Active — Beautiful fall weather across the country lends itself to getting outdoors! Whether taking a family hike or a stroll around the neighborhood, or heading out to a forest to walk amongst the changing foliage, taking advantage of crisp autumn weather is a great way to relax and enjoy fall break.

Maintain a Routine — Kids certainly deserve a few days to sleep in, veg out (a little!) on Netflix or YouTube, and simply enjoy some time that doesn’t revolve around a fast-paced school and extra-curricular activity schedule. However, it’s important to maintain somewhat of a routine when it comes to each day. In between “chill time” and play time with friends, build in some time for independent reading, room clean-up and other daily chores, and other routine activities to help make the readjustment back to school after a few days or a week off a little easier.

Apex Leadership Co. invites students and their families to make the most of fall break this season. After all the hard work that goes into the first quarter of a new school year, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy some downtime!