The month of February is all about love! And who couldn’t use a little more love, kindness, and positivity, right? With that in mind, Apex Leadership Co. shares some “lovely” ideas to help teachers, staff and parents spread the movement of love in the classroom and beyond with some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (Monday, Feb. 14).

Decorate the Doors

Teachers and staff can create some fun and friendly competition with a door decorating contest! Students can help design and develop the door décor. During Valentine’s Day celebrations, organize time for students, teachers, and staff to parade around the school and vote for their favorite door décor. The winning classroom gets a prize, of course!

Make Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

Always a classic craft to do in the classroom, teachers can have students bring in shoeboxes and spend an afternoon making love-themed mailboxes to stuff with valentines! Teachers, send home a list of students’ names in the classroom so everyone gets a valentine from each student.

Make Some Heart-Filled Crafts

There is an endless array of crafts for all ages out there, so get creative with colorful love-filled Valentine’s Day-themed crafts. Don’t forget to include some great sensory crafts too! Simple crafts for all ages can be done in the classroom as well as at home and are a positive way to keep little hands busy.

Create a Kindness Wall

To start a movement of kindness, teachers can create a kindness wall adorned with heart-shaped pieces of paper. Each student has a heart with their name on it and students are encouraged to write nice things about their classmates on each heart. Teachers can get the movement going by being the first to add a compliment on each heart. At home, might consider taping a construction paper heart to their kids’ doors that are adorned with positive compliments and messages.

Become a Secret Admirer

Spread the love without saying a word by leaving a sweet note inside a friend’s or student’s backpack, cubby, or desk. No need to say who the note is from. Not knowing who shared this nice note adds to the surprise!

Pay it Forward

Spreading the love isn’t just reserved for Valentine’s Day. Spread kindness and love throughout the school with simple gestures that can really make someone’s day. Something as easy as holding the door open for the person coming up, waving or saying hi to someway passing by in the hallway, or giving a friend a compliment is a surefire way to spread some love this February.

Talk about Self-Love

Instilling self-confidence and self-love in today’s children is a powerful lesson that can stick with students throughout their youth and into adulthood. Self-love can come in the form of teaching children to appreciate their differences; to love their bodies, minds, and imperfections; to treat their bodies right with nutrition, movement, and positive self-talk; to forgive themselves when they make a mistake, and so on.

Love Rocks

Painting rocks with hearts, kind words, and inspiring messages to leave around campus or at a local community part is another fun way for kids to spread the love this month. Encourage students to do this activity outside the classroom, too, and place these miniature artworks outside their own home (with parents’ permission, of course).

Candy Contest

Make learning extra sweet this month by adding a little incentive! When doing oral review work, offer a small treat such as a small candy or a cute Valentine-themed eraser or pencil for the students who ‘get in the game’ and answer correctly.

Apex Leadership Co. encourages parents, teachers, and school administration to spread the love this month — and every month! The positive interactions that students have with mentors in their youth can have an amazing impact on their future.