School’s almost out! As the last month or two of school plays out, many schools are preparing to execute their end-of-year fundraisers. While these have been in the planning stages for months, no doubt, Apex Leadership Co. offers five last-minute tips to ensure a school fundraiser goes off without a hitch.

1. Communicate (again) — Clear and constant communication is one of the most effective ways to ensure that everyone involved in the fundraiser or who the school would like to know about the fundraiser has all the information about it. This includes students, who should be reminded of their fundraising goals and why it’s important to keep working towards them, parents, committee members, and the community itself. Whether via text, email, call, or signs/marketing materials, getting the word out there about the fundraiser is an important aspect of maximizing funds raised and making sure everyone has the information they need to support or attend the event.

2. Recruit Volunteers — Speaking of volunteers, create a digital sign-up sheet and encourage parents and guardians to commit to time slots throughout the event, whether that means manning a booth or being on hand to pass out waters for kids in the Fun Run. There are plenty of jobs to do during any fundraiser to make sure it’s well-executed and it’s better to have more hands-on-deck than not enough. Utilizing a digital sign-up resource also ensures that time slots are designated so help is dispersed evenly throughout the course of the event.

Volunteers For Fundraising

3. Reconfirm Vendors and Third-Party Sources — It’s a good idea to touch base with all the companies that are expected to take part in the event. For example, if the school is hosting a carnival, someone from the fundraising committee should call all the food trucks, carnival rides, and/or inflatable companies to make sure they are confirmed for the proper time and date, that they know where the event is, what time to arrive for set up and how to access the grounds where they will be setting up. (Bonus: An Apex Leadership Co. fundraiser is a one-stop-shop event so there is no need to call a list of vendors! What a timesaver, right?)

4. Assign an On-Site Point Person (or People) — When it comes to the day of the event, there should be one or two people assigned to be the contacts for vendor arrivals, deliveries, or any other set-ups that are taking place. These are the people who can direct everyone to where they need to go.

5. Have Fun — Finally, it’s important to just relax once the event has begun. Fundraisers are supposed to be fun too! If little issues come up throughout the event, deal with them calmly and recognize that one small glitch is likely not going to impact the outcome of the fundraiser. It’s about giving the kids a great send-off before the end of the year and raising important funds to support the coming school year. So enjoy it!

Apex Leadership Co. encourages fundraising committees to use these five tips to ensure their end-of-year event runs smoothly and efficiently and that everyone has a good time! Are you interested in starting a fundraising franchise? Get in touch today.