Fundraising is a vital asset for every school, but it can be challenging and a lot of work! Trust the Apex Leadership Co. team, they know from experience! As experts in school fundraising, they have seen all kinds of challenges — but overcoming them is what they do. It’s important for any school fundraising event to be well planned, coordinated, and executed. And there are a few key things that can really help elevate the success of the fundraiser. Here, the Apex Leadership Co. team shares the top five things to help elevate any school fundraiser:

  1. Communication — Clear communication (and ample communication) is vital for a fundraiser. Communicate the objective through PTA/PTO meetings, with staff and school administration, and of course to students and parents. Everyone should know the “who, what, when, where, and whys” of the event early on… and reminders never hurt!
  2. Motivation — Get everyone pumped up! Having a high-energy approach to the fundraiser will help everyone involved get… involved! It’s important to help students understand why their role in fundraising is so important… and how the funds will benefit them and their school. Motivation in the way of a positive-reward system has also been shown to be a highly effective way to motivate students.
  3. Delegation — When fundraiser, PTO, and PTA members know that the burden often falls on them to handle this huge responsibility. But it takes a village and the more people that are able to help, the more successful the fundraiser can be. So it’s essential to rally volunteers and for the organizers to be able to delegate tasks and roles to the people best suited for them. Putting together a fundraiser can be a lot of fun — it’s important to emphasize the fun aspects of it for the people that are there putting in the work. Together, it can be fun, stress-free, and successful!
  4. Participation — Gathering volunteers and getting people involved isn’t always easy. Most parents already have a lot on their plates as it is. So it’s important to offer a number of ways to participate in the fundraiser. For example, some people may want to offer their time to be there at the event or help coordinate vendors while others may offer to purchase needed supplies for the event. Let people know what is needed and give them multiple ways and opportunities to participate.
  5. Celebration — After the fundraiser, it’s time to celebrate! Supporters and donors should all be notified about how their contribution helped the school meet or exceed its goal and how the funds will be used. They deserve a big “thank you!” And so do all the volunteers who gave their time and energy to make the fundraiser so successful. Thank you notes or a celebratory luncheon or mix and mingle is a great way to ensure parents and other volunteers know their efforts didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. That can go a long way in securing volunteers for the next event!

Planning a fundraiser with Apex Leadership Co. can help schools and organizations create easy, stress-free events while maximizing funds raised.