Regardless of whether schools around the nation are back on campus (though likely modified in some way or another), online or through a hybrid format, there is no doubt that education looks different than it ever has before. The great part about today’s society is that with technology and innovation, major strides have been made in ensuring children’s education can continue despite the challenges of a pandemic. And while fundraising might not be top of mind for families right now, it’s actually more important than ever to help schools incorporate and fund new resources that are much needed during this time including social-emotional learning resources, teacher and student support, community building and more. Apex Leadership Co. stresses the importance of fundraising for schools during a time when these campuses (whether in person or virtual) need it more than ever.

Social-Emotional Learning (or SEL) is somewhat of a buzz term right now and many schools around the country have incorporated it into daily schedules to help students adjust to the “new normal.” SEL refers to the process that children (and adults too!) comprehend and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and express empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

During this time when there is a lot of change and uncertainty with each new day, many students may experience fear, anxiety, sadness, and other complex emotions, and SEL is intended to help them recognize and work through these feelings, while also giving them validity. Apex Leadership Co. has been incorporating SEL into their character education programming and lessons for most of the last decade! These skills will help to reinforce is the SEL competencies being taught in the classroom. Because this is new for many schools, the funds needed to add the proper resources to help teachers incorporate SEL lessons into the classroom is crucial.

In addition to SEL resources, funds for the technology that is being used as today’s “classroom” is also vital. While many teachers and students are used to meeting face to face, many classrooms have gone virtual — and that in itself requires some education… and a learning curve for not only students, but teachers, school administration and staff too. Most school administrations and teachers have been working diligently since March to pivot teaching methods to a virtual format — and what they’ve done in such a short time to prepare for the 20-21 school year is nothing short of impressive. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some hiccups! While many states and districts are still in limbo as to when in-classroom learning will resume this school year, it’s important that in the interim, teachers can provide students with the next best option via a virtual or online format. This can’t be done successfully without technology!

Beyond helping students and teachers grasp the technology needed for school every day, additional support for both groups is also crucial right now. Whether this equates to hiring additional teachers to ensure classroom sizes are kept to a minimum or bringing on counselors or psychologists to help students manage these big changes in the world while continuing with everyday life in a whole new way, support resources are absolutely needed in elementary schools.

Another important element of today’s schools that requires much-needed funds is community building. While “we are in this together,” the new rules of COVID-19 that require people to keep a distance and stay at home can be very difficult, especially for super social children. Elementary school fundraising through the Apex Virtual program helps support connectivity with the community while still respecting health guidelines and ensuring safety.

When it comes to fundraising for elementary schools in the COVID-19 climate, it’s important for school administrations and families alike to consider the safety element above all. This is why Apex Leadership Co. worked hard to adapt its fundraising programs to accommodate schools whether they are on-campus or virtual.

The Apex Virtual programs continue to provide a fun way to encourage children to want to actively participate in their school’s fundraising efforts, and they also help connect students and the community… even at a distance.

Elementary-aged students are motivated by Apex Leadership Co.’s youthful and energetic team members that help teach important lessons including accountability, responsibility, leadership, and more. These characteristics don’t just apply to fundraising, they are vital to ensure the success of tomorrow’s leaders.

When considering fundraising ideas for elementary schools, PTOs, school administration and parents alike should take into account why fundraising is more important than ever right now. It’s also a good idea when fundraising to help potential donors and supporters understand the crucial need to fund these resources that hadn’t been as necessary in the past. Apex Leadership Co. offers a wide array of programs and options to help schools execute a fundraiser safely, even amid COVID-19, and their team members are happy to meet with (virtually or otherwise) PTOs, school administration and parents to discuss the array of fundraising ideas and programs for elementary schools that they can provide.