Ask any seasoned PTA or PTO board member and they will say that planning a school fundraising is one of the most time-consuming and comprehensive activities the organization will undertake during the school year. But Apex Leadership Co. is here with some tips to make this year’s school fundraiser better than ever.

Start Planning Early — One of the first things on the agenda at the first PTA/PTO meeting of the year should be discussion of school fundraising. There are many ways to raise funds for the school and members of the board and parents who attend should also decide if the school should host a fall and a spring fundraiser or mini fundraisers throughout the year.

Take All Ideas into Consideration… then Take a Vote — One of the greatest things a board president can do at a meeting is ask for suggestions… and then really listen to each of them. This not only ensures that board members and attending parents feel that their ideas are being heard, it also serves as a great brainstorming session that can result in some great opportunities to raise funds for the school, its staff and students. As with every major event, fundraising will take a lot of coordination and planning. It’s important that the board president be diplomatic, so after discussing all ideas and narrowing them down, take a vote for the final decision. 

Assign a Committee and Designated Roles — Executing a successful fundraiser will take a dedicate team of board members and volunteers to orchestrate. Put this committee into place early on in the school year and designate roles for those that will handle marketing, budget, recruiting, vendor outreach and more. Better yet, host a fundraiser with Apex Leadership Co. and they will handle everything from start to finish!

Communicate with School Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents — Getting the word out about the fundraiser is vital. This should be done early and often. Any items that need to be approved with the school administration should be done so and then notifying teachers, students, parents and the community about the fundraiser is next of importance. It’s a good idea to communicate the information in various ways such as sending flyers home with students, hanging banners around the school and neighborhood, emailing and or texting parents. 

Recruit Volunteers — It takes a village! The more volunteers the board has to prepare for and help at the fundraising event, the better. Make sure volunteer roles are clearly defined so parents and other helpers can be most effective when donating their time. 

Motivate Students and Volunteers — Let’s get this party started! As the fundraiser gets underway, remind students what they are raising funds for and why these funds are so important to help their school. There is no donation or sale too big or too small and each one goes towards the common good of the school! It’s also helpful to motivate volunteers in their tasks as well as encourage parents to keep the motivation going strong at home.

Apex Leadership Co. reminds PTO and PTA board members that they are in the business of putting on a successful fundraiser for schools that raises 70 percent more than an average fundraiser. Add to that the valuable leadership lessons and fitness emphasis during an Apex Leadership Co. fundraising program, all with a no-sell, hassle-free format, and what’s not to love?