How to Keep Students Engaged During the Holidays

School is almost out for the long holiday break! The first half of the school year has gone by so fast, the kids have worked hard and now it’s time to kick back and relax! But before jumping into a Netflix marathon, the Apex Leadership Company offers a few ideas for keeping students engaged during the holidays and school breaks.

While it’s easy to stray from a regular schedule during the busy holiday months, children (and many adults too!) thrive by maintaining routine. Many children and students find comfort in knowing what is coming and know what to expect. But that doesn’t mean a little holiday flair can’t be added to routine activities! At reading time, throw in some holiday books. During free time, turn on a holiday movie or dance around to some holiday tunes or make holiday-themed crafts for a fun activity.

During the holidays, there is always so much to do… but resist the idea that you have to do it all. It can be overwhelming to try to fit too much into any given day and it often creates unnecessary pressure. Instead of saying “yes” to every party or event this season, agree as a family on the top things to do throughout the holiday month and during the school break so no one gets overwhelmed.

As the first half of the school year comes to a close in the holiday month, it’s important to continue to support and encourage students to finish out the quarter or semester strong. Continue to build in study and homework time each day. Find and instill the best motivator for each student. Some rely on positive verbal reinforcement to encourage them while others do best with a reward system. Whatever the process, parents and teachers should continue to support students in their educational efforts.

Staying active is another important thing to keep in mind throughout the holiday month and over school break. Often as the school year comes to a close with winter break, there are many tests. For teachers, it’s important to build in breaks throughout the day and have students stand, stretch, and “get the wiggles out.” For parents during winter break, encourage children to get outside, ride their bikes or even have a good old fashioned snowball fight with the kids in the neighborhood!

The Apex Leadership Company encourages students to stay engaged during the holidays with the help of teachers, guardians and parents. Happy holidays!