How to Stay Focused on Studies Through the Holiday Season

It seems that once Halloween hits, the holiday season kicks into high gear! With days off for holidays and post-first quarter parent-teacher conferences along with cold and flu season causing students to have to miss school to stay home and recoup, it can be hard for students to stay on track and committed to their studies. Apex Leadership Co. offers the following tips to help students finish the semester strong.

Give it Time — The bottom line is that straight As don’t come without the effort! Most students need to put in daily effort to maintain good grades. Scheduling time into each day to handle homework, study for tests and quizzes, and prepare for the following school day can help create a consistent effort that can lead to a great report card at the end of the semester!

Set the Right Time — For some students, coming home from school and getting directly into homework keeps the momentum going. However, others need some time to unwind from the day before being able to refocus on their studies. Finding the right time that works best for each student will make it easier for him or her to be able to best maximize their study and homework time with a clear mind.

Make it Fun — Turning study time into a social event can make the time pass faster and can also add an element of fun to an otherwise challenging or dreaded task. However, it’s important that the studies or the project remains the task at hand! Getting classmates together for dedicated study time a few times a week is a great way to commit to studies.

Take a Break — Remember that phrase about all work and no play? There is a good point there! Students need a good balance of school and study time as well as exercise, social time with friends and other extracurricular activities. Just as study time should be scheduled into each day, so should fun time. After all, kids need to be kids!

Celebrate — Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and the longer winter break will be here shortly after that. During these times, it’s important that students relax and enjoy their well-deserve time off as well as celebrate these special occasions with family and friends without allowing the stress of school to get in the way.

Apex Leadership Co. encourages students (with the help of their parents and guardians) to stay strong as the semester comes to a close and not allow distractions to deter them from dedicating time to getting good grades. While it can be difficult to stick it out when there are plenty of opportunities for holiday revelry, the reward of a positive report card at the end of the semester is well worth it!