Making the Most of Elementary School Fundraising

There are so many different types of fundraisers — from cookie dough to wrapping paper sales. However, when it comes to elementary school fundraising, the Apex Leadership Co. has taken a new approach — adding not only a limitless reach with the use of online technology, but also by incorporating a fitness and leadership program designed to teach students important lessons that they can use throughout their life as they grow and development into the world’s future leaders.

Apex is honored to be able to give students and their schools the tools to take their elementary school fundraising to the next level — by making fundraising easy, fun and wide-reaching. The tools that the Apex team shares through its program varies by theme each year, but all the lessons are ones that are positive resources that children can utilize in real life situations.

The Apex team aims to serve the schools by motivating children through these lessons to go out and be positive role models and leaders in their own right. Through the cool prize awards system, kids are also motivated to want to raise money for their schools and earn neat prizes to show for their hard work.

It’s rewarding for the Apex Leadership Co. to see the impact of its approach to elementary school fundraising. The company has expanded quickly to include branches in more than 30 states across the country, with a suite of product offerings that service elementary and middle schools as well as club and sports teams. Since its inception, the Apex brand has served 4,754 schools — including 3.1 million students — and raised $77 million dollars (net) for schools nationwide with its events, that began with the Apex Fun Run and have evolved to include the Apex Remix, Apex Serve, Color Battle, and Anython.

When it comes to fundraising for schools, youth groups, sports teams and more, the Apex Leadership Co. is dedicated to helping youth maximize their efforts and raise more money while also providing them with powerful resource tools that will help shape them into role models for the next generation.