Elementary school and youth group fundraising has remained largely the same over the years. Selling everything from candles to chocolate bars door to door was the norm. But with social media and technology, Apex Leadership Company wants to change the way elementary schools and youth groups raise money by providing custom fundraising solutions that are both safe for students and also offer maximum fundraising reach.

Admittedly, parents, teachers (and probably neighbors) have dreaded those fundraisers that are very necessary to help support schools and youth groups because it actually makes more work for them. Apex Leadership Company’s approach is totally different. It puts accountability and motivation in the hands of the students, provides “training” and inspiring lessons for kids and makes the whole experience fun and painless! With its multitude of fundraising ideas and program offerings, including fun runs, color battles, color runs, and more, Apex Leadership Company makes fundraising events easy and fun for schools, students, youth groups — and yes, even for parents and teachers.

Taking the fundraising approach online gives students and youth groups a nearly limitless audience to reach and making donations from anywhere in the country can be done with the click of a mouse. This also eliminates the necessity for youth to have to go door to door to try to raise money — a safety element that is so important in today’s world.

Another unique element of the Apex fundraising format is that it encourages fun and fitness while raising money for the school or group. The nature of the two-week program (which is themed yearly) provides students fun yet important leadership lessons that they can take with them into adulthood.

When looking into school fundraisers or fundraising events for youth groups, Apex Leadership Company can offer a complete solution that makes raising money easy and safe through the use of the internet and technology. It also offers a leadership-centric education that is aimed at putting the tools and resources in children’s hands to be the leaders of tomorrow.