On Monday, February 17 Apex Leadership Co. celebrates “National Random Act of Kindness Day.” The holiday has continued to see gains in popularity as society embraces kindness and how people can spread it to make the world a better place! The Apex Leadership Co. believes in teaching students of every age the importance of kindness — and the difference just a little kindness can make in someone’s life. Here, the company shares some ways to spread kindness in any community this February 17!

Why not host a Random Acts of Kindness event to raise awareness for the day — and the importance of kindness every day, raise funds for an important cause, and do some good for friends, family members and neighbors!

Through Apex and the Anython format, an online-based fundraising program, a Random Acts of Kindness-A-Thon can help students and youth groups raise money while the community can benefit as well. A kindness-a-thon can be set up through www.anython.com and supporters can pledge $1, $2, $5 or any dollar amount for each random act of kindness or they can donate a flat fee. Then students perform a number of random acts of kindness throughout the community including:

–Opening the door for others
–Writing and placing inspirational and encouraging messages in public places
–Helping with outdoor clean-up projects
–Paying for the person behind them in line
–Offering to help teach, coach or mentor someone
— Randomly reaching out to a family member or friend just to say, “Hi!”

Beyond hosting an official Random-Acts-of-Kindness-Athon, people can still celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness day by simply doing any of those good deeds mentioned above or more. For example, students can help a neighbor in need by offering to clean their yard, take out their trash, or walk their dog. If a grandparent lives in an assisted living home, a visit (or even a phone call!) from a beloved grandchild is sure to make their day. Teachers, parents and coaches are often the ones supporting and helping students and children — showing some appreciation for all those efforts by giving them a handwritten card or a small gift will surely brighten their day on February 17. For older students or parents wanting to showcase a great example, paying for the person behind them in line at the Starbucks drive-through or letting someone with a smaller grocery load cut in line ahead of them is a great way to make someone’s day easier and brighter. And hopefully they will pay that small act of kindness forward to ignite a beautiful movement of kindness that will spread like wildfire!

Teachers, parents, coaches and guardians can use this Monday, February 17, National Random Acts of Kindness Day, to start their own movement of thoughtful gestures that hopefully will lead into the next day… and the next and so on!