The Apex Leadership Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new Apex branch in Buffalo, New York. With his experience and passion for leadership development, fitness and fundraising, Mike O’Neill is at the helm of this new location to serve the communities and youth in Greater Buffalo and upstate New York.

When O’Neill found Apex, he felt super-energized by the fact that the programs combined all these elements to serve the next generation of kids. He says, “Elaine and I sat on the porch over coffee one day and talked about how I could best leverage all these strengths and passions I have to have a broader, more meaningful impact. Then Apex Leadership Company came knocking and I’m hooked. It’s life changing for me, and my hope is that it will be for you and your children.”

From an early childhood, O’Neill has been active in fundraising for organizations such as March of Dimes and American Cancer Society as well as Boy Scouts. With a son who has Cystic Fibrosis, O’Neill also supports the CF Foundation through their programs and fundraising events; and both he and his wife Elaine have been involved with the Greater Buffalo Track Club Island Half Marathon and 10K.

Aside from his volunteer work, O’Neill has more than 30 years of successful professional experience in sales and business marketing, and he has been active in sports since Little League, serves as a basketball coach for elementary and middle schools as well as rec leagues for both child and adult leagues, and fosters his love for the local running community. He has one marathon, 12 halfs, and multiple triathlons, 5, 8, 10 and 15Ks under his belt. Sports is very much a “family thing,” according to O’Neill. “My son played basketball through high school, and my wife, cousins, aunt and best friends are also all runners and athletes in their own right,” he adds.

As an avid sports fan with a passion for coaching and teaching, O’Neill could not be more poised to serve the Greater Buffalo area’s youth. And with his secret weapon, excellent intrinsic networking skills, he is excited to see how his Apex branch can serve as the solution to the area’s funding challenges in education.