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    We believe every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way. Serving others brings the greatest joy and contributes to the greatest good.

    Since 2011, we’ve been on a dedicated mission to create and share a healthier, more joyful, leadership-focused way for schools, clubs and youth serving organizations to raise money. Our inclusive, fun-filled experience focuses on promoting leadership and fitness to kids while empowering students to raise funds for their community. 

    5 reasons to get started with Apex Leadership Co’s franchise model. 

    1. Our fundraising programs are fun AND profitable with 80-90% of revenue is reoccurring each year and we plan to reach 300 territories by 2027.
    2. You can make an impact in your local community by teaching young children leadership and development skills found nowhere else.
    3. Our system is a lucrative, sustainable, and proven business model.
    4. We help the community, teachers and schools to raise funds that the desperately need while earning a healthy profit.
    5. The fundraising industry is rapidly growing and projected to be $340 million by 2025. There are limited competitors with in-person programming giving Apex Leadership’s franchisees a significant opportunity to raise twice the capital of traditional fundraisers. 


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    Hi, my name is Justin Penard! Please feel free to call or fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you.



      The Apex Leadership franchise makes a significant impact on local communities by raising funds desperately needed by teachers and schools. Their events typically raise twice the capital of traditional fundraisers. Along with fundraising activities, Apex Leadership teaches young children leadership and development skills found nowhere else.

      The Apex Difference:

      • Our People: Our in-school team members love working with kids and often spend as much as 300 hours on-site developing relationships and trust. This helps drive the success of the fundraising program while building students’ character and leadership skills.
      • Our Program: Our character building program is informed through feedback from current principals regarding key challenges and behavior opportunities in today’s elementary schools.
      • Our Owners: Because we’re locally owned and we live here, too, we care about your community. We know that when our work can raise funds (and the spirits) of those around us, we all win!
      • Our Impact: Apex Leadership is an all-in-one leadership-focused fundraising company that consistently shows 2X the results of other fundraising products.
      • Our Technology: With our intuitive and personalized donations portal students can request, receive, and track donations from one easy to use dashboard.
      • Our Success: Over the past 10 years, we have netted $120 million for the organizations we serve. Envision a profession where you are at the forefront of leadership, raising money for schools, and making a profit for yourself, all while having fun.

      Apex Leadership Company is rapidly growing and looking for franchisees to join our company. The following steps outline the franchise process and how you can become part of the Apex team.

      Step 1: Complete Interest Form

      To start the conversation with Apex, please complete the form on this page. We will follow up with you shortly.

      Step 2: Introduction to Apex Leadership Company

      Meet with our sales development team to learn more about Apex’s franchise opportunities including our model, owner expectations, available territories and costs. You can review the FDD and learn more about our brand and complete your franchise application.

      Step 3: Executive Interview

      This interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and make sure we are both a great fit for each other.

      Step 4: Discovery Day

      We welcome you to experience an Apex event in-person, meet members of our Home Office team and learn more about our ongoing training and support.

      Step 5: Executive Approval

      Once our Franchise Leadership Team has approved your application and we have all of the legally required documentation from you, we will draw up your franchise agreement.

      We offer four Apex events, Fun Run, Obstacle Course, Remix & Glow Run that raise spirits and funds for elementary schools and two epic Apex events, Color Battle & Apex Games tailor made for middle schools. Apex additionally has a proprietary fundraising platform designed for sports team, clubs or groups.

      The total cost to purchase an Apex Leadership franchise ranges from $79,000 to $113,700.

      Your initial investment includes:

      The franchise fee ($49,500)
      Training ($10,000)
      Trailer ($4,000)
      Equipment ($17,000)
      Insurance ($4,500)
      Professional & services ($3,000)

      There is an 8% royalty.

      Our franchise offers first-class business, program & technical support, continuing training and assistance as evidenced by our 9/10 franchise ratings around home office support