No-Stress Test-Taking Tips

As the end of the semester quickly comes to a close, many classrooms are enjoying holiday parties, but many are still in the midst of test-taking. Apex Leadership Co. offers the following tips to help students prepare, study for and pass their tests with flying colors!

Be Prepared — Being prepared by studying in advance, taking practice quizzes and other study strategies is really the best way to avoid the stress of test-taking. Often the stress develops from doubt so students should prepare in advance so they are comfortable and confident with the material. It’s much less stressful to take a test when a student feels as though they completely comprehend the material. 

Get a Good Night’s Rest — Time and again research points to the importance of sleep and the negative effects that lack of sleep can have on the body and the mind. That said, getting a good night’s sleep prior to a big test can help ensure students are well-rested, alert and focused for test time!

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast — Much like getting a good night’s sleep fueling the body with “brain food” can help students feel prepared, ready and less-stressed before test time. 

Don’t be Late — Another area of preparation to reduce stress is to allow plenty of time the morning of a big test — to get that hearty breakfast in, get any papers or homework together and get to class with time to settle in and get prepped.

Stay Focused — Listen to the teachers’ instructions prior to the test and reading through instructions on the test itself can help ensure students properly understand what is expected of them. Read through each test question thoroughly as well. If a student gets stuck on a question, they should move on to questions they know and then circle back to the tough ones. It’s also important to stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted during test time. That wasted time can lead to stress as the clock ticks down on test time.

Review It — Once a student completes a test, it’s a good idea to use any extra time to go back through, review each question and double check their answers.

Relax — Once the pencils are down and tests are turned in, it’s time to relax! Students should feel proud of the work they did and take some well-deserved down time!

Apex Leadership Co. encourages students to spend plenty of time preparing and following this simple tips to avoid feeling stressed and anxious come test day. With holiday break just a short stretch away, students should keep their eye on the prize, stay focused through test time and then relax and enjoy their time off!