It’s 2022! And while it’s hard to think of the end of the school year in May, it will be here in a flash! For those PTA and PTO groups that are considering hosting an end of year fundraiser, there is no time like the present to get started. The team at Apex Leadership Co. offers the following tips for planning and executing an end of school year fundraiser.

Start Now

The amount of time and planning that it takes to execute a successful fundraiser is often underestimated. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of people, to pull it off. So the earlier a group can start planning their fundraiser, the better chances they’ll have at making it a successful one for the school or organization.

Communicate Clearly, Effectively and Often

Get the word out now! Once the date is set and the fundraiser direction is decided upon, it’s important to communicate this information to staff, students, families and the community. This also gives the fundraising board an opportunity to find volunteers to help them execute the event. Communication to students and their families should be done often and in a number of ways. For example, flyers may sit in a student’s backpack for days or weeks before it’s discovered by a parent, but an email or text can get directly in front of parents’ eyes.

Form a Committee

A successful fundraiser takes a lot of participation to avoid burnout for any one person. So inviting lots of volunteers to help can ensure the workload is equally balanced. When selecting volunteers, ask for their skill set and things they like to do. This can help the board members determine the best role for them that will allow them to do something they like and that they are good at — which will serve as a benefit of the entire fundraiser.

Create a Budget

As with most things, a budget (and staying within that budget!) is crucial to the success of a fundraiser. Fundraisers, such as school carnivals, can cost a lot of money so it’s important that the committee understands all the fees involved (such as paying vendors and special licensing, etc.). This way they can determine the most efficient way to spend allotted funds.

Build the Hype

A school fundraiser is more effective if people are invested. So get everyone involved and excited! Getting everyone on board — including the staff, students, parents and the entire community — is super important and can make the event even more fun. Make sure potential donors know exactly how much the school intends to raise and exactly how that money will benefit the school — and more importantly, the students. Committee members can help students get excited about raising money and how the money will impact their school experience, and also help communicate to parents how they can get involved (beyond simply donating) as the event draws nearer.

Don’t Go it Alone

Partnering with a professional fundraising organization like Apex Leadership Co. can help make the fundraising process easy, seamless, stress-free, fun and extremely impactful. The staff and team at Apex locations around the country are experts in maximizing funds for schools and youth groups through all our age-appropriate offerings. This is what Apex is dedicated to doing and their staff members love doing it! So let Apex Leadership Co. help achieve unparalleled success with an end of year fundraiser.