It’s almost time for back to school — and in some cases, the new school year is already underway! When it comes to a new school year, a little organization and preparation can help things go smoothly for students and the whole family! Apex Leadership Co. suggests the following ways families can prepare for the new school year:

Stock Up

With every new school year comes that supply list! Getting a head start on checking these items off the list can mean less hassle and running around as the first day of school rapidly approaches. Parents should also double-check the school’s dress code requirements — whether they need to order uniforms or purchase items that align with the school rules regarding specific lengths, colors and styles (such as collared shirts and khakis for structured dress codes).

Do a Walk About 

Students that are attending a new school, whether they just moved to a new area or have leveled up to middle school or high school, may have some anxieties about how to get around campus and where their classes will be. Many schools host an open campus time prior to the first day of school to allow students to get familiar with the lay of the land. Take advantage of these opportunities to help ease any “new school” jitters. If this opportunity isn’t offered, parents could consider calling the school to see if they can come on campus to check it out on their own prior to the first day of school.

Get Back into a Routine

A few weeks before school starts, parents can start “tightening up” those rules they may have become a bit lax on over the summer. This includes late nights, extended technology or screen time limits, and sleeping in. A solid routine is a great foundation for relaxed, well-rested, and happy students! Parents can start inching “bedtimes” back to a more reasonable time, allowing for students to achieve seven to eight hours of sleep per night so they can wake rested and ready to start fresh. 

It’s also a good idea to start setting the morning alarm so students can adjust to early wake-up times come the first day of school. And while they’re at it, parents can also add reading time back into the weekly routine. Just a few minutes each night for little ones and about 20 to 30 minutes for older students is a great way to promote a lifelong reading habit, and love of literacy!

Do Some Review

Have those challenge packets that last year’s teachers sent home been collecting dust all summer long? It’s time to pull those babies out and get to work! A little review of last year’s curriculum can serve as a great refresher so students feel prepared to move forward on these subjects when they take their seats in their new classrooms. 

Apex Leadership Co. understands the stress and anticipation that comes with a new school year — from both parents and students. But with a little preparation, everyone in the family can feel a little more relax and a little more “ready” for the first day of school!