Apex Leadership Co first began with one simple concept – a school fun run designed to raise maximum amount of funds for schools while also incorporating fun fitness elements and important leadership lessons into its program. Since that initial idea, the company has expanded to include a wide breadth of programs designed not just for elementary school fundraising but also middle schools, high schools, youth groups and sports organizations. Apex discusses the ins and outs of school fun run fundraising and how it can help schools raise money!

A fun run is a great fundraising concept because it’s all encompassing — including both educational and fitness lessons. With an organization like Apex, a fun run fundraiser is web-based, which allows children a safe format for outreach and also offers a nearly limitless resources of possible donors. An Apex fun run also serves to build school spirit and pride, incorporate individual student accountability, teach essential leadership development skills and offers a fun group event for the whole school.

However, a fun run is no easy feat. It takes a lot of organization (and a lot of man power) to coordinate several hundred students to raise money, to get their laps in and also to stay motivated throughout the program. This can equate to the necessity for a lot of help from staff and parent volunteers. That’s why Apex Leadership Co can be such an asset to schools and youth groups when organizing a fun run — because the company does it all every step of the way.

An Apex led fun run actually begins two weeks prior to the actual run. During this time, the Apex team helps lead the students in soliciting pledges of financial donations from family, friends, neighbors and more. Young, energetic and inspiring Apex team members become deeply immersed in motivating and educating the students during the fundraising process through regular campus visits, pep rallies, prize giveaways for levels of fundraising, and the all-important leadership skill building. Each year, the Apex Leadership Co defines a theme for the program and during the two weeks leading up to the run, the Apex team members teach various lessons surrounding the theme including accountability, responsibility, respect, and more.

During the event, students collect pledges per lap, and the more pledges they receive, the more prizes they earn. This provides a powerful motivator and positive reward system for those that go above and beyond for their school. After the fun, students collect their donations based on the number of laps they ran and the pledges they received. Supporters can make a dollar per lap donation (or any dollar amount per lap) or they may choose to make a flat donation to the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.

One of the reasons that fun run fundraisers are growing in popularity is that parents and teachers highly support the fitness element that is incorporated. Putting an emphasis on the final event — the fun run — encourages a positive attitude towards exercise and may even help children add more fitness into their everyday lives. The fitness element doesn’t just culminate on the last day of the two-week program. Apex Leadership Co encourages school PE teachers to begin incorporating topics on running such as warming up and cooling down, how to pace one’s self and more prior to the event.


Another great aspect of a fun run fundraising program is that it’s all-inclusive. All ages and grade levels can participate and cheer on one another. In fact, part of the fun for parents is helping to track runners’ laps and rooting students on as they pass through the finish line again and again. Apex also really knows how to throw an event, which means the fun run itself is high-energy with heart-pumping music to keep kids motivated, water stations to keep them hydrated and Apex team “cheerleaders” to keep them encouraged as they run a multitude of laps in support of their school.

Obviously, this type of program is intended to raise money and the great news for PTOs is fun runs are highly successful in raising a lot of money for schools. Most schools that organize a fun run with Apex admit that it’s one of the easiest and hassle-free fundraisers that yield the most results! The way the program is organized also allows ample amount of time for students to earn pledges and to prepare for the big event to maximize the amount of laps they run — equating to more funds for the school!

Planning ahead is an important part of the event to ensure that it is planned in enough advance to allow the school plenty of time to promote the event. Solid preparation equates to more funds raised! It’s also a good idea to plan in advance to allow parents and donors enough time to learn about the program and understand all of its benefits so they are ready to support when the time comes.

Communication throughout the course of any fun run fundraiser is key. But this is easy with the help of Apex Leadership Co. Already well-versed in orchestrating fun run fundraisers, Apex Leadership Co knows the most the effective routes of communication for not only school staff and PTO, but parents and students alike. Having served more than 5,000 schools including 3.2 million students and raising over $80 million dollars since its inception, Apex has the expertise and the resources to make any school fun run a success.

Of course it also takes the participation of the school’s staff, PTO and parent volunteers to maximize the level of success in both in the execution of the event and how much is raised overall. Support of these groups and working closely with the Apex Leadership team can help ensure maximum success as well.

From start to finish, a fun run fundraiser can be an exciting, engaging, educational and rewarding program — and a great way to raise much-needed money for schools and youth organizations. For those that are considering a fun run fundraiser, Apex Leadership Co is here to help ensure a memorable and successful event!