When it comes to fundraising, most schools and organizations are looking to raise the maximum funds in the minimum amount of time. While this can be daunting and a huge challenge for schools that are tackling fundraising on their own, this is exactly the type of thing Apex Leadership Co. and its suite of fundraising programs are designed to do! When considering fundraisers for schools that help raise money fast, Apex is the way to go.

There is no shortage of fundraising ideas of schools — many schools have sold candles, wrapping paper, candy bars, tins of popcorn, and more to raise funds for their schools. However, when it comes to how to raise money fast, Apex Leadership Co.’s programs can help schools raise the maximum amount of funds within just a two-week format (that happens to be a lot of fun too!).

Apex Leadership Co. has several amazing events specifically designed for elementary school students. With inspiring and energetic young team members and motivating lessons each day of the program, an Apex program encourages kids to want to get involved and do their part to raise the most funds for their school. At the end of the program, all students get to participate in the fitness-based celebratory event finale that is fun, but also based on helping make fitness a part of every student’s daily routine.

Apex programs are not just geared for elementary schools, however. The Color Battle is designed for middle school students, while programs including Anython are ideal for sports teams and youth groups. Through Apex, schools have options when it comes to the program that will best motivate and inspire their students to help them raise the maximum fund for their school or organization.

Beyond just raising funds fast, an Apex fundraiser allows students to truly have an unlimited reach when it comes to how they fundraise. Apex’s web-based format gives students an opportunity to reach family, friends, and neighbors nearby, but it also gives them the chance to connect with sponsors around the country – or even the world! The online-based format also provides a sense of safety, as donors can support in a truly contactless way. (And parents don’t have to worry about children going “door to door” to try to make a sale.)

Volunteer teacher reading to a class of preschool kids

As schools are resuming this fall (whether in person, online or via a hybrid), many are considering back-to-school event ideas to raise funds. With all the changes and new resources schools need to conduct online education, fundraising is more important than ever before. So a back-to-school fundraiser might be just the thing to kick off the new school year. From offering additional training and education for teachers to better prepare them to teach via a virtual format to providing resources such to add SEL (social-emotional learning) into every day curriculum, schools are definitely in need of the funds to support these additional resources. Not to mention budget cuts, the need for increased sanitation supplies and equipment, and resources for new safety and hygiene protocols — it’s no wonder schools are looking to host fundraisers to raise money fast!

As things have changed dramatically since March and the onset of COVID-19, so have Apex Leadership Co.’s offerings. The company still offers a two-week program and online format for collecting donations, and it has since introduced Apex Virtual to expand its suite of offerings to account for any way that each school would like to conduct its fundraiser. For example, for schools around the country that have resumed traditional on-campus learning, traditional Apex programs can be provided (with some enhanced safety measures and protocols for Apex team members to abide by). For schools that are comfortable with some portions of the fundraiser taking place in-person, Apex offers ways to meet while respecting social distancing guidelines and limiting group sizes. And for schools that are entirely online, Apex offers a completely virtual format that still allows students to connect with Apex team members through live web-based formats or videos.

Many schools are now integrating or focusing more on lessons teaching SEL, but Apex Leadership Co. has included SEL when determining theme lessons for quite some time.

Included into the 20-21 school year’s theme of the MIGHTY Show, Apex has expanded upon social and emotional learning to help students understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Within Apex’s two-week program, the theme of the MIGHTY Show is incorporated through lessons to help teach students what it means to be “mighty” through acronym:

M — Mindful

I — Integrity

G — Grit

H — Hero

T — Think Ahead

Y — Your Turn

With each letter, the Apex team helps students learn to be mindful, including being aware of their actions and making the choice to be kind; to show integrity through honesty and being trustworthy; what grit and perseverance can do to shape the leaders of the future; how they can become heroes by showcasing the superpower of service and how important it is to help others; how to think ahead to the future and why it’s important to plan for tomorrow; and your turn, an opportunity to encourage students to take on the challenge of being a mighty leader by using these habits to make a difference in the world.

Though Apex Leadership Co.’s programs are designed to help schools raise money fast, they are also dedicated to helping teach students some incredible and very applicable leadership skills that they can take with them throughout their childhood and into adulthood. It’s these lessons that set Apex apart — in addition to the company’s hassle-free format.

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Time is definitely one thing most people (parents, teachers, administrators, and other educational staff) could use more of — and that is another important aspect of the Apex program. It is designed to be hassle-free for parents, school administration, teachers, and even for sponsors. It takes the guesswork out of how to fundraise and raise money fast through its proven programming, and it allows for a quick collection process from donors too — which means schools receive their funds fast! Most of all, this is done online so it’s easy and convenient for everyone too.

When it comes to fundraising ideas to raise money fast, Apex Leadership Co. has the solution. Whether it’s a Fun Run for elementary students, Color Battle for middle schoolers, or a themed Anython for sports and youth groups, Apex’s programs are specific for every age group and varied to provide a fun and encouraging format in which students can raise more money for their schools or organizations — and fast!