Setting Intention for the New Year

As 2020 gets rolling and school gets back in session in early January, it’s time to start getting back into the routine and implementing new goals for the second half of the school year. After a long and much-deserved winter break, there’s no time like the present to set good intentions for the New Year, as well as the remainder of the school year. Apex Leadership Co. offers tips for students, parents, teachers and guardians to set, and help set, goals and intentions — not just at New Year’s, but any time of year!

Define Goals  With any resolution or intention, it’s important to define the goal, define why it is important and even outline how the goal can be achieved. For example, a student might want to get straight As — and that’s a great goal! — but how is he going to achieve that? Jotting down an outline of how that goal can be achieved will make it much easier to attain. For example, starting a weekly study group, getting a tutor, spending more time on homework (double checking, quizzing one’s self before tests, etc.) can all help lay the groundwork to success!

Reach for the Stars — With determination and hard work, there is no limit to what can be achieved, so students should be encouraged to reach for the stars — regardless of their goals. It’s important that teachers, parents and guardians provide the support to help students and children build the confidence to believe they can do anything.

But Be Realistic — That said, it’s also important that everyone — students, children and adults alike – set goals that are challenging but also achievable. For example, setting out to change one’s entire life in one resolution is a lofty goal — and can quickly become overwhelming. However, setting specific intentions and going after them one at a time is more attainable. Students should make a few specific resolutions or intentions and focus on achieving those — and then moving on to new and more challenging goals once those have been attained.

Setting intentions is about activating and manifesting a goal. But it takes work. While a positive attitude and determination are great to have when trying to summon a goal, an intention must also be met with a plan for how the student or individual can work towards that goal in tangible ways as well. The Apex Leadership Co. sends wonderful wishes for a Happy New Year, and new intentions in 2020!