Should Students See a Tutor Over the Summer?


While most schools are just letting out for summer break, parents may already be thinking about how to keep their students’ education from sliding back before August rolls around. While summer break serves as vital downtime for students who have worked so hard during the course of the school year, continued education over the summertime can provide stimulation, routine and confidence. Apex Leadership Co. helps parents answer the question “should students see a tutor over the summer?”

Benefits of having a tutor over the summer


First, it’s important to realize that every student — and each circumstance — is different. So parents should trust their instincts when it comes to making a determination as to whether their child or children should be tutored over the summer. Take into consideration how the child feels about tutoring — some may truly dread each session while others might enjoy it. In the case of the former, getting to the bottom of why the student doesn’t like tutoring is important too. In the case of the latter, the tutoring session can provide much-needed routine during lackadaisical summer schedules.


Another benefit of tutoring is that it provides students with individualized attention that a classroom setting might not. It also gives introverted students (or ones that are too shy to raise their hands in class) a comfortable platform in which to ask questions and spend time on a particular problem or area in which they are struggling. These things are invaluable for helping students get a grasp on the material in a stress-free environment and to build their confidence.

College Student Sitting In Front of the Computer While Having a Tutoring Session

How to find the right tutor over the summer?


Finding the right setting and the right tutor is key to helping students find value (and even enjoyment) in each session. The more the student actually wants to go, the more impactful and effective the sessions will be. So a little research or even a trial session can go a long way. Many teachers offer tutoring over the summer or can recommend tutors that take students during the summer.


Tutoring sessions shouldn’t become a source of pressure or stress for students (or parents) over the summer. Rather, tutoring should serve as an extra bolster of support to help students catch up on material from the last school year and prepare them for the upcoming school year. This can actually provide students with a great boost in self-esteem, too! With some extra summer help, students can be confident in the material and be prepared with studying and testing strategies going into the new school year. Say goodbye to restless nights and test-day anxieties!


Tutoring over the summer can also prepare students for the upcoming year by helping them determine their best studying and learning style and by actually making learning fun. These are both invaluable to a successful school year and for helping young learners develop a lifetime life of learning.


Remember that summer should be about fun and relaxation for students, but a little learning sprinkled in can really set them up for success in the coming year. Occasional tutoring sessions paired with scheduled at-home learning time can be a great way to lay this foundation without it becoming too overwhelming over the summer. Apex Leadership Co. encourages parents to consider how tutoring would best benefit their children over the summer while also making it fun and engaging!