Spring has sprung! Whether or not it feels like it in some parts of the country, the season is here, and for many schools that means it’s time to plan their final fundraiser of the year. With the challenges of the pandemic appearing to be subsiding, school administrations around the country are still proceeding with caution when it comes to events and in-person activities. But that doesn’t mean schools can’t host a fundraiser, especially when those funds are so crucial to the school’s betterment! Apex Leadership Co. offers some easy and hassle-free tips when planning a spring fundraising.

Offer Options

When planning a spring fundraiser, it’s a good idea to provide students and their families with options. Just as many schools provide various learning formats like in-person, virtual, and self-paced online to appeal to as many students and families as possible, the same can be done when it comes to spring fundraisers.

In fact, this is exactly the reason Apex Leadership Co. chose to expand its offerings last year at the onset of the pandemic to include Apex Virtual — a suite of options that can be customized to schools’ preferences when it comes to how many (or how little) in-person activities are offered and how much is provided via fun video and virtual formats. Offering options ensures that most everyone can find a format that works for them.

Make it Easy

As schools round the bend into the final quarter, parents, students and teachers may be feeling the weight of testing, planning graduations, and even some understandable burnout from a challenging year filled with unexpected changes. So, PTO and PTA boards should take that into consideration when planning their spring fundraiser.

It can still be a fun and successful experience while also being easy and hassle-free for everyone involved! That’s the very premise that Apex Leadership Co. is built upon, after all! Look for a fundraiser that allows “hands off” elements for busy teachers, school administration and parents, but makes it fun and motivating for the students. Apex serves to engage students with energetic fun programming because the more involved the students are, the more successful the fundraiser can be. Utilizing a fundraising company like Apex that not only helps students get motivated but also provides the tools and resources to help them effectively fundraise can ensure maximum funds raised for the school, which benefits everyone!

Piggy Bank for Education Fundraising

Communicate Clearly

Regardless of what type of fundraiser a school decides on, clear communication from start to finish is one of the most effective ways to ensure an easy and hassle-free fundraiser. That starts with communication about the fundraiser itself, how parents and supporters can get involved (such as volunteer opportunities and how to easily donate), and how the funds raised will be used to benefit the school and its students. It’s also important to explain to potential donors how easy it can be to help support the fundraiser.

For example, when it comes to a web-based format like Apex Leadership Co., supporters needn’t even leave the comfort of their homes to make a donation. This type of fundraiser also removes the limitations (and safety concerns) of “door-to-door” style fundraising. Anyone anywhere can go online to support the fundraiser — so kids should be encouraged to reach out and extend their reach to family and friends around the country!

Think Outside the Box

Fundraising has come a long way from traditional sales-based formats and certain programs can offer so much more for students. Apex Leadership Co.’s programs provide schools, parents, and donors with convenience while also imparting upon student’s invaluable leadership lessons in a fun format that encourages and rewards participation for everyone. So, when it comes to this year’s spring fundraiser, think outside the box and team up with your local Apex Leadership Co. team!