As soon as the weather starts to turn to spring, students seem to sense that the end of the school year is drawing near. With spring break in March and April and school ending in May and June in various parts of the country, it’s no wonder that kids start to get a little antsy for summer. But it’s too early to toss those textbooks out the window!

With at least one more quarter to go, there is a lot to be learned and done in this final stretch of the school year. Apex Leadership Co. offers some tips for parents and guardians to help students stay engaged in school and in their studies at home as spring break, the end of the year, and “senioritis” start to set in.

Give it a Rest

For real! During spring break and on the weekends, allow students some well-deserved downtime to sleep in or simply chill out. Solid sleep after all is an important tool to help their growing bodies and their developing minds. Sleep not only gives kids time to rest and recharge, it literally can benefit their overall health. According to an article on the John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital website, “kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory and overall mental and physical health.” Adversely, lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and depression in youth. So parents and guardians should “give kids a rest” for sleeping in on weekends and over spring break.

Stick to the Routine (for the most part)

That said, it’s vital for kids that thrive on a schedule not to get too far from it during spring break. Maintaining things like a regular bedtime (for younger ones), reading time and study time can be beneficial for children that tend to prefer “knowing what’s coming” rather than just going with the flow. This can also help keep kids “on track” during breaks so they feel prepared.

Set Mini-Goals

With the second semester halfway (or more than halfway) through, it’s important to help kids stay motivated to finish the last part of the year strong. Particularly for older students that are dealing with major projects, state testing, and finals, it’s important to “stick it out” so they can finish the year off on a high note (or a high grade, so to speak!). Keeping track of tests that are coming up and managing study time can help students stay the course. Parents can also help keep kids on task by creating mini-goals as they approach the “finish line” of the last day of school.

Remember that every child is different and what works for one may not work for the other. Parents and guardians should work with their children to find strategies that work for their families when it comes to staying motivated through spring break and into the final stretch of the school year!