The country has made some major adjustments over just the past week alone in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19. While this has impacted so many families, businesses and entire industries in seemingly a matter of hours, it has also turned many students’ school breaks into a period of social distancing and an unknown end date to school closures.

All these changes can be very unsettling and downright scary to grown adults, let alone children. It’s important that as parents and guardians receive updates from schools and extracurricular activities that are being cancelled, that they offer some comfort to kids and students during this time. While parents may not have all the answers either, keeping the lines of communication open is crucial for helping students feel more safe and secure. Apex Leadership Co. offers the following tips:

Share the “Known” — Depending on ages of the students, it can be comforting to combat the fear of the unknown with what hard and fast facts there are known about the virus. This can be as simple as teaching the importance of proper hand washing techniques for little ones to more complex issues of how social distancing and “sheltering in place” can help stop the spread of the virus for older students and teens.

Find Fun at Home — Amid this time, many activities that families or schools have been planning have been delayed or rescheduled for a future (and yet to be determined) date. This can feel extremely overwhelming and disappointing. Children may need encouragement to help understand that during this new normal, there are lots of ways to have fun… without leaving the house. Online resources abound; getting outside to enjoy the fresh air is always open (and free!), and simply getting creative can result in some unexpected fun!

Do Something to Help — Oftentimes doing for others can provide a sense of comfort for the one offering the assistance. For those that can, think of ways to help the local community. For example, consider dropping off much-needed supplies to foster care organizations or senior living facilities, or supporting a local restaurant through a safe pick-up or delivery option.

The Apex Leadership Co. family wishes its staff, families, schools and youth organizations an abundance of health and safety during this time.