Teachers are some of the most unsung heroes in the world! They are the ones that inspire children in the classroom and beyond. Many people look back fondly on their years of education and can remember a special teacher (or two or three) that really made an impact on them and their future. With Teacher Appreciation Week rapidly approaching at the beginning of May, Apex Leadership Co. offers some ways that students and parents can show their teachers some gratitude for all they do all year long!

Create a Handmade Card — Little ones can draw a picture and write a short message of thanks to give to their teacher(s) during Teacher Appreciation Week. This simple gesture is sure to show gratitude.

Give a Group Gift — Room parents and active volunteers in the classroom can help coordinate a group gift to give to teachers on behalf of their entire class. From a unique frame featuring the class photo or a wreath that teachers can hang on their classroom door, there are endless teacher-centric ideas to give during Teacher Appreciation Week. Parents could also fill a basket with Teacher’s favorite things like candy, candles, bath bombs, specialty coffee grounds, and more.

Make a Coffee Run — Speaking of coffee, it’s fair to say most teachers thrive on it to get them through their busy day! With a little parent assistance for the younger ones, a student can bring in their teacher’s favorite coffee or tea drink from their favorite local coffee shop.

Go with a Gift Card — Gift cards always fit and teachers are sure to put them to good use. With a little sleuthing, parents and guardians can find out their children’s teachers’ favorite stores and restaurants and purchase a gift card there for them to enjoy a nice meal or a special item.

Make a Donation — Beyond elementary, schools often organize donation drives to collect either money or gift cards to be able to provide each teacher on campus with something special to recognize their efforts during Teacher Appreciation Week. An online donation form can make this fast and convenient for parents, too. PTOs can help organize something like this so all teachers are recognized this year.

Give Thanks to Teachers

Many schools organize special themed days throughout the week during which students are prompted to bring in their teachers’ flowers, their favorite drink (such as soda or tea), or their favorite snack, and often they provide lists of these items so students can give something they know their teacher will love. This makes easy work of Teacher Appreciation Week for parents and guardians — and also ensures teachers receive gifts they enjoy! Apex Leadership Co. sends a heartfelt message of thanks and endless gratitude for the hard work, effort, care, and attention they bestow upon their students year after year.