Teaching Leadership Skills at Any Age

At Apex Leadership Co., helping youth develop the essential skills that will help them succeed in life (however they so choose to define that success) is at the core of all the company’s programs. Leadership, decision-making, responsibility, accountability and more are incorporated into the programs while also making fundraising fun for them. But while raising funds is important, the leadership skills taught will stay with them long after the program is finished. Leadership skills can be taught at any age — it’s never too early or too late. Here’s a look at some ways to teach leadership lessons every day, which can be modified per child and age.

Be an Example — Teachers, parents and guardians can teach the lessons they want their students and children to learn by exemplifying those traits themselves. For those that want a child to show compassion, empathy and kindness towards others, showcasing those traits in everyday interaction with the child is a great way to “teach the lesson” without ever even saying a word out about. For those that want a child to learn to stand up for themselves, take charge in any situation or be brave in challenging or frightening times — being an example of those characteristics can teach a powerful lesson as well. 

Teach Independence — As much as parents and guardians may enjoy “doing things” for their children, it’s important to allow them to do things for themselves. They may get messy. They may not do it right. That’s okay. They need to be given the chance to try. And try. And try again. 

Let Them Stumble… and Even Fail — While it is extremely difficult as a parent, guardian or teacher to watch a child struggle, there is an important learning lesson that comes with every struggle. Allowing them to stumble will teach them the perseverance needed to get back up as well as the understanding that with every stumble, things will get easier. With that comes the confidence that will give them the encouragement to keep going until they achieve their goals! 

Get Them Involved — Sports, group classes, after school or extracurricular activities are all great ways for children to learn and exemplify strong leadership skills! There are so many valuable leadership lessons that come along with working as a group as well as learning the social aspect of interacting the others and even navigating different personality types.

Apex Leadership Co. is all about developing young leaders! The elements of the Apex program are intended to teach valuable lessons that young people can use in life — now and in the future.