For parents and guardians of children whose schools have been closed in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, it may seem as though overnight they have now become responsible for helping to home school their children. Amid many other changes – including those changes to their own careers – helping students navigate their online schooling can seem overwhelming. However, Apex Leadership Co offers some tips for parents and caregivers during this time.


Take it One Day at A Time Keep in mind this new way of learning, and teaching, is all new for many students, teachers, parents and guardians. While online courses and resources became available at an impressive speed, it is still a “work in progress.” With a number of emails coming through and different ways of conducting classes (online, through Google Classroom, via Zoom or video chat, etc.), it can become daunting to take in all at once. Apex suggests parents and guardians take it one day at a time and not put too much pressure on themselves — or students for that matter. It will get easier as it becomes more familiar.


Create a Space to Learn – It’s important to set up a work area for your children at home that is completely dedicated to learning and away from distractions. Many children are utilizing technology at an increasing rate in their new daily routines, so be sure to keep computers, tablets, and devices charged up and ready in their study zone. Apex suggests minimizing TV watching and social media distractions when in their learning space to maximize their focus.

Remember “We’re in this Together” — This phrase has become somewhat of a mantra during this time. It’s not only encouraging but it serves to remind people that no one is alone in this. As governments, business owners, parents, families, friends, students and more are all dealing with some effect of COVID-19, it is important to have compassion and patience — and to ask for help if needed! 

Build a Schedule that Works — That said, parents that are working at home may not have the ability to create a schedule exactly like the ones that students may have had during the course of their regular school day. And that’s ok. Parents should allow themselves grace and flexibility as they figure out times that work best for everyone in the family. While some schools may have specific virtual meeting times that students are required to attend, other “classes” and school time can be spread throughout the day as it works best for the family. Don’t forget to schedule in much-needed break times and recess, too!

Apex Leadership Co understands that everyone is experiencing unprecedented effects of COVID-19, but new online schooling parameters shouldn’t be the source of stress for parents and guardians — or students for that matter. For those that seem to be struggling with this format, stay in close contact with teachers so they can offer advice and help amend course load, materials or perhaps even the schedule itself as needed.