December 26 marks National Thank You Note Day. The Apex Leadership Co. experts understand the importance of keeping the tradition of writing thank you notes alive, even in the age of texting and technology. A hand-written note can go a long way in showing some appreciation and really making someone’s day. It has benefits for the thank you note writer, too! Apex Leadership Co. shares the reason that thank you notes are so important.

The season of giving is the perfect time to emphasize the importance of thank you note writing. After all, it’s likely that kids all across the country have been receiving gifts since November in celebration of the winter holidays. And while those generous gift-givers may not be expecting anything in return, a personalized hand-written thank you note will likely make them feel very loved and appreciated for their gesture.

Handwriting expressions of gratitude can even benefit one’s health, mood, and general well-being.

An article on touted the results of a study about the power of expressing gratitude.

Amit Kumar, the study co-author and assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, said of the research, “Saying thanks can improve somebody’s own happiness, and it can improve the well-being of another person as well — even more than we anticipate, in fact.”

For the study, participants were involved in a series of experiments including sending a letter to someone in their life, expressing gratitude. Oftentimes the letter writers underestimated the powerful impact the letter would have. “As long as somebody’s expression is sincere and warm and friendly, recipients are often going to have a very positive reaction to that,” Kumar said of the study, adding, “The broader message is that people should express gratitude more often, and precisely how you go about doing that might not matter that much.”

Some tips on how to write a memorable thank you note.

For those preparing to send their post-holiday thank you notes, it’s a good idea to personalize the message, starting with addressing the recipient by name. Then proceed to specifically name the gift or gesture that was received and how it will be used or why it is so special. Then, of course, a personalized signature. A thank you note doesn’t have to be a one-page essay. A few thoughtful sentences are all it takes.

Here’s an example:

Dear Aunt Jane,

Thank you for the Pokémon game! I have been wanting it since the preorder came out in October! Thank you for thinking of me and remembering how much I love Pokémon! Can’t wait to see you next year. I will show you how to play it when you get here.

Love, Tommy

Apex Leadership Co. encourages students and adults alike to revisit the power of a well-written thank you note this holiday season. It’s a simple gesture that has feel-good mojo for both giver and receiver! Apex Leadership Co. is thankful for all its amazing staff and partners that help make their mission to combine fun, fitness, and fundraising possible. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!