Apex has had the privilege of serving over 4.2 million schools and we have seen firsthand the impact on a school’s culture when there are dads on campus. As such, and because you have elected to invest your time through Watch D.O.G.S., we are excited to offer your school a special promotion to further reward your community for your commitment.

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What is Apex?

At Apex Leadership Company, we’re building tomorrow’s leaders today — while simultaneously raising more money for your school with our hassle-free approach for busy volunteers. Our powerful online platform maximizes your time and increases your reach for fundraising, all while our team of athletes does the heavy lifting with a stress-free program. Our two-week program is designed to teach & model unique leadership lessons to students and drive connection in your school community. Apex’s unique program combines fitness, fundraising, and leadership into a powerful united event that raises much-needed funds, builds your students’ character, and elevates your school’s culture.

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    “The Apex Leadership program was such a great fundraiser. The leadership skills the kids learned, the exercise we got, positive atmosphere, and money we earned. Than you so much for bringing them to us, and for all of your hard work.”

    Teacher, Weyerhaueser Elementary

    “I highly recommend the Apex Team!! We had such a positive response this year choosing to go with their team. Our students enjoyed their daily messages and loved the prizes! We spoke with many students afterwards and they all agreed that Apex offered better prizes and prize brackets (ability to earn the top prize). That’s important to us because having motivated children helps get the parents to respond. Our school was able to profit more with Apex compared to prior year’s with another company. The Apex team was very professional, underwent all the background screenings we required of them and went above and beyond to ensure we had a successful event. We are utilizing them for the 2018-2019 school year as well!”

    Erica Morris, Parent’s Club President – St. Lawrence Catholic School (2nd year with Apex)

    “In 24 years of being in education and doing EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE fundraiser, APEX is by far the best on so many levels!!!!
    – easy for teachers/staff/PTO
    – character education piece is invaluable and very well done
    – the physical activity aspect of it is great for this generation
    -the APEX team members are AMAZING, EMPOWERING, ENERGETIC AND WONDERFUL role models
    -the APEX team members go above and beyond for EVERYONE!”

    West Cypress Hills Elementary School Counselor

    “I just want to tell you that as I was walking out today, a teacher who has been at Sandy Run for a very long time, said this was the very best fundraiser we have ever had! You took on something that makes a huge difference for so many and is great fun to boot! ”

    Franice S. Guidance Counselor, SRMS

    “Our experience with Apex Leadership was nothing short of outstanding! I’ve worked with similar fundraising organizations in the past, and the experience with Apex was far superior. The Apex team was fully invested in the unique needs of our school, and worked closely with us to customize the fundraising and event experience for our school community and culture. The Remix event, in particular, was a one-of-a-kind experience, and our students LOVED it. While other companies felt more “boxed,” the Apex approach was definitely out-of-the-box! From the first planning session to the event day, the customer service we received was unmatched. Our students, teachers, and families raved about how smooth and seamless the entire experience was, thanks to our Apex team!”

    Principal, Elmwood Village Charter School – Days Park

    “Apex has an amazing program for school fundraisers! This is our third year using Apex and the teachers, students and parents are excited for another successful run. Apex staff really motivate the students and make the run easy for a PTO to execute. It is an all-inclusive, entire school fundraiser that the kids love! The parents and teachers like the fitness aspect and positive lessons being taught in the program. I highly recommend an Apex fundraiser to raise funds and bring your community together!”

    Gina Leuer, St. Theresa Catholic School PTO
    “I was very impressed by the character education and positive energy. I like that your leadership lessons were delivered by the team members. It made them much more personal, and having the team in classrooms was much better. Plus, the teachers loved it so much more!”

    Michael Lamp, Kyrene Milenio Principal
    Pie In The Face | Apex Leadership
    “We really did enjoy watching the Apex Team connect with the students. There was real human interaction there. Apex really earns their money. By day two I could absolutely tell that you’re not just paying for the run, you’re paying for the leadership skills, and connecting to the students.”
    PTO Board, Sunset Heights

    “My son enjoyed APEX. As a 5th grader he was reminded and could really absorb what character is all about. During dinner I was having a conversation with my husband about family members not getting along, and my son said, “It seems like they need to move forward.” I was impressed with his comment, because he can now connect really life situations with the GAME ON meanings. He wore his bracelets with pride on Obstacle Course day.”

    PTA Member

    “As VP of fundraising for the PTA I had a very difficult time deciding on a fundraiser. I was tired of the catalog orders and we needed something different. Once we found Apex Leadership Co, I was excited yet cautious because it sounded too good to be true. An amazing leadership training program that also made BIG MONEY for the school?? Randy and his awesome team amazed not only me, but the Principal, the teachers, staff and parents. We loved the leadership training so much that I would pay for just the program to come to the school even without the fundraiser program. That being said, this was the highest earning fundraiser we have ever had and we raised more than double our goal!! So awesome!!! We were all sad when the athletes left but are already excited for next year. ”

    PTA Jen Bossom
    “Your team really helped our students have an amazing week while fundraising for our school. The parent of a student that I designated as our Class Captain said that his son came home last week and stated that, “it was the best week of school ever!” It was the first time that he was picked to be a lead for anything. It warmed my heart and I just wanted to let you and your team know of the impact that you are making on children through the lessons that you’re teaching. That means EVERYTHING!”
    Breeanna, PTO Co-President
    “Fantastic fundraiser and amazing organization! By far, the highest grossing fundraiser we have ever done.”
    Christine Haas, Event Services Director at Noah Webster Pima
    “I just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts about our school’s experience with Apex. Our Rylander students had a wonderful time this last two week’s with the Apex team! As a fundraiser, the Apex event was very successful. More importantly, Rylander students had fun and they heard lessons that supported good leadership and citizenship skills! I have attached a screen shot of an email that I received from a teacher referring to the Apex team and lessons. These lessons and the time that the Apex team spent with Rylander students made a big impact. Your team consistently had positive attitudes, showed understanding & compassion, and created excitement about our PTA fundraising event. I consider our experience with Apex to be an extremely positive one.”
    Nelson Elementary (2nd year with Apex)

    “Our Elementary school community loves APEX FUN RUN! This fun annual event is one of the big highlights of our school year and has become a tradition at our school and part of our culture. The proceeds from it truly allow us, as a school, to purchase things for our teachers and our school that we otherwise simply would not be able to do!” “Among them are P.E. Equipment, much needed classroom and teacher materials and supplies, customized school T-shirts for all our students, a giant American Flag and so much more! With this year’s proceeds, we plan to get some really good security cameras, upgrade playground equipment and continue to improve our technology at our school,” says Carpenter. Carpenter continues, “I have been in education for 28 years and I have never seen a better program for the schools than Apex Leadership Company! The students learn empowering leadership skills from dynamic coaches, and the run itself is a giant annual community event that our families attend in great numbers. The run incorporates fitness, fun, the satisfaction of reaching goals as a team and also individual goals! What’s more, the amount of money that our school actually clears each year is truly amazing!”

    American Leadership Academy Administrator, Paul Carpenter