The Apex Leadership franchise makes a significant impact on local communities by raising funds desperately needed by teachers and schools. Their events typically raise twice the capital of traditional fundraisers. Along with fundraising activities, Apex Leadership teaches young children leadership and development skills found nowhere else.


Apex Fun Run’s mission is building leaders. Plain and simple. Everything we do—leadership lessons, fun runs, business partnerships—focuses on building leaders within the next generation. We’re not able to complete our mission without you! If you’re passionate about helping build up the next generation of leaders and instilling a love of fitness in children and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, let’s talk about home based franchising opportunities.

Our Method ​ is to collaborate with school PTO/As and faculty to build student leaders through a meaningful, “hassle-free” and financially successful school fun run.


  • Every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way

  • Serving others brings the greatest joy and contributes to the greatest good

  • Learning by doing and exercise are both undervalued and underutilized in fundraising today

  • Encouragement and enthusiasm build others up—we will help build leaders

  • Raising money for your child’s school can also serve as a positive learning experience

  • Many people giving a little reduces the individual burden on the typical givers and donors

Teachers Have Skin in the Game and that makes for highly-motivated and excited coaches. Your teachers will coach their classroom teams to greater heights knowing that in the end, a portion of what the classroom raises goes straight back to the teacher for their classroom.

ApexTeam | Apex Leadership

Apex, not to be rhetorical, but we are a unique blend of a business, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. We teach fitness and leadership in elementary schools across the country, a franchisee has the capability to earn and make a good living, and you’re making a difference in children’s lives by helping others be generous givers for their students and teachers.

The realization of how many teachers are using personal funds to supply, decorate, and provide teaching tools for their classrooms while being on a limited budget themselves. This became a reality in the Scott’s household. The founder, Scott Donnell, came up with the Apex Fun Run idea because his wife Amy was an elementary school teacher. He saw how much money she spent on supplies for her classroom every fall, and decided to do something about it. ​ Apex Fun Run ​ began. Scott combined his passion for fitness and leadership, with a successful fundraising component that awards students prizes for their pledges, and the pledges help to raise well-needed funds for elementary schools. Ten percent of what is raised in the classroom goes directly back to the teacher for something for his/her classroom.

Our competitors are raising money for elementary schools too, so instead of focusing on what is wrong with them we will focus on what differentiates us. We are locally owned and operated, and our athletes are on salary (not incentivized by what is raised in the classroom). Our leadership and fitness curriculum is the cornerstone of our success in connecting with and motivating students. Our focus is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and this results in more money raised for our schools.

Passion, energy and personality that is centered on changing students’ lives and building leaders; ability to manage and encourage others; service heart.

Serving 2-3 million students a year, raising $70 million a year for schools nationwide.

Could be a combination of visiting potential schools, hiring teams, meeting with potential clients, filling calendar with schools to serve, serving schools and overseeing the leadership development of team. Overseeing all details of two-week program to take hassle off of PTOs.

I was a CPA and Partner with two international accounting firms serving as a consultant to both small and large organizations helping them become more profitable and assisting with mergers and acquisitions. Subsequent to helping sell the second firm, have been an entrepreneur owning and building several businesses.

Building a business that not only provides a living for my family, but that makes a difference every day in our community and in kids’ lives.

Outsource things that are not our core competencies sooner.

Tenacity, hard work, can-do attitude, knowing every problem has a solution.
Night shift UPS. Learned I wanted to get a good education so I could own my own business and be in charge of my own destiny.

Our continued growth across the country providing an amazing program and service for schools and students, not only raising much needed funds, but also building leaders along the way.


As you are deciding on a new adventure, experience, and/or a sense of purpose – whatever and wherever you are in your life’s journey, Apex is an opportunity that can be an answer to all of the above listed.
Below are a few thoughts for you as you are looking into a franchise. Hope this information helps you. We believe Apex is the best choice but you have to come to that conclusion yourself. Research, find your passion and desires; they are key components to making a correct choice so when you decide on your path you are dedicated and ready to start with enthusiasm and joy!



To start the conversation with Apex complete the form on this page. We will follow up with you as you are doing your due diligence also.



Choosing the right franchise opportunity is no easy task. There are so many franchise opportunities available that it can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important for your own mental well-being at this point to narrow your focus.

Start first with an industry or two that you’re interested in. Make sure it’s something that’s going to hold your interest for the length of the contract. Because once you’ve signed the documents and the checks have cleared, you’re involved with your franchise for the long haul.

Also, at this point in the process, you’ll need to be looking at startup costs. Restaurant franchises, for example, require a lot more capital than others do. If you don’t have much capital to start with, don’t worry. There are other franchise opportunities like Apex which you can explore.

Once you’ve selected an industry, you’re one step closer to your dream. Now you want to narrow it down even further to two or three specific franchises to research.


The last thing you want to experience when buying a franchise is buyer’s remorse, so this step is crucial. With the few franchises you’re looking into, do a thorough research of all of them.
How do their turnover rates compare? How do the initial setup costs compare? How about ongoing royalties? A qualified franchise lawyer can point you in the right direction.
By now, you should have one in mind that sounds like it could be a fit. If you don’t feel like you’re quite there yet, keep searching, digging in and asking questions until you feel like you know all there is to know, and make the smart choice.



When you buy a franchise, you’re also purchasing your franchisor’s company, both the beauty and fun of the business but also the work, responsibilities and some of the growing pains, changes, and hiccups of the franchise, but remember nothing is ever perfect.
You can see if there are consumer complaints against a particular franchisor by doing a search on the ​ Better Business Bureau ​ or by making a request in writing to the ​ FTC. Then bring your concerns to the table.

Next, what do you know about the executives who run the company? Is there any pending litigation against the franchisor that you should be aware of? How secure will your territory be? Don’t forget that you’re being marketed too when you’re examining different franchise opportunities. Therefore, franchisors aren’t always entirely upfront about the true costs of owning one of their franchises. Make sure that you do your research into this matter by thoroughly reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document and having your lawyer review it with you.

And always – make sure there’s a viable exit strategy. The franchise lawyer can also help with this. By becoming a franchisee, you’re becoming a self-actualized businessperson, and businesspeople always have exit strategies. You never know what may happen down the line, and you may find yourself in a position where you need to get out from under your franchise sooner than expected. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure there are viable exit strategies available to you; otherwise, you could find yourself in a world of hurt.


If everything to this point checks out with the franchise, sit down with the franchisor and a few franchisees for even more information gathering.


  • How would you describe your corporate culture and values? (Do they align with yours?)

  • Will I receive support for securing a lease and for identifying an ideal location for my franchise?

  • Do you offer any assistance with financing, either directly or through an approved/preferred third party?

  • How long does it take the typical franchisee to make back their initial investment?
  • What are the company’s long-term goals, and how does the company plan to achieve those goals?

  • What assistance will the company provide when I’m first starting out?

  • After coming to an agreement, how long will it take for my franchise to open its doors?

  • How are disputes between franchisees, as well as between franchisees and yourself, resolved?

  • What options are available to me in terms of an exit strategy?


  • What kind of support does the franchisor provide? Did you find it useful?

  • Are there any costs that you’ve come across that you weren’t aware of when you started?

  • How have things operated in your territory? Have you faced pressure from other franchisees in the immediate area?

  • What’s your background, and do you feel that your background has played a role in your franchise success?

  • What unexpected difficulties have you encountered, and how did you go about solving them?

  • Do you feel that the franchisor offers adequate support for marketing and advertising?

  • Do you plan to expand your business by opening additional franchises?

  • What kind of restrictions have been placed upon you, and do you feel those restrictions help or hinder your ability to run your business?

  • Has the franchise lived up to the expectations you had when you started? If not, why do you think that is?

  • Are you happy? If not, why?

Next, you’ll want to see the business in action by visiting several operating sites. Try to get a sense of what goes on, customer traffic, transaction size and other business operations.


If you feel entirely comfortable with everything that you’ve learned over the preceding steps, and you feel like you know exactly what you’re getting into, then it’s time to pull the trigger.

Lastly, working with the franchise attorney you hired, sign the contracts, send the checks and take your first step into business ownership.