As parents themselves, the Apex Leadership Co. team understands that parents have a lot on their plates — and a lot of decisions to make — this Fall. With so much change that has taken place in the world, parents are likely overwhelmed by the options that are being presented as the new school year looms ever closer. Apex, as well as school administrators, staff, and teachers, can deeply relate to this. As school formats are changing, however, fundraising for schools is now more important than ever before. And Apex is offering a solution to these new times.

Apex knows that parents are busy discussing sending their kids back to school, online options or even homeschool. On the flip side, teachers and school administrators are busy discussing how to make their schools as safe as possible for reopening with new procedures for social distanced seating, staggered schedules, keeping students/teachers in “pods” and more. These conversations are understandably at the forefront during this time that, despite the overuse of the word, truly is unprecedented.

It’s also understandable that parents may not have fundraising efforts on their minds right now. They may even be thinking that it’s not important during this time. However, schools need fundraising more than ever. A recent survey by PTO Today reported 51% of PTO’s said they will need to fundraise more this Fall. Between budget cuts, increased sanitation supplies, new safety and hygiene protocols, additional required training, and the need for more resources for safe instruction (whether students are in class or online), schools are in need of monies to fund all these things. More importantly, fundraising with the Apex Team provides something that has been missing for many months now… something students (and school staff) desperately need — a little fun!

Students have been dealt some serious disappointments since schools were closed in March. Not being able to directly connect with their teachers, not seeing their friends, having extracurricular and sports programs canceled… the list goes on. Students around the country have had to persevere through completely new experiences such as distance learning online, being disconnected from their friends, wearing masks out in public, and keeping at least a six-foot distance from people.

wearing masks out in public

In an effort to bring back a little normalcy for students, Apex has modified its approach to give them the same sense of excitement and connection of a traditional on-campus fundraiser. Through Apex Virtual, students can tune in to the daily leadership lessons to regain their sense of connection and work together as hygiene heroes to help their community and school. Apex Virtual was designed to give students something to look forward to, something to get involved in and a new way to connect.

Apex Virtual also puts emphasis on the importance of social and emotional learning, which helps children (and adults) understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions — all which are especially vital during these challenging times. The MIGHTY Show theme incorporates the value of characteristics surrounding these lessons such as self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills.

Parents have also had to deal with some real challenges during this pandemic. Apex knows firsthand the struggles that parents have gone through while juggling a million things. Helping their children manage distance learning while also working, managing family and other responsibilities amid a pandemic where things change constantly, and practically overnight, is no small feat.

Apex has always aimed to make fundraising hassle-free for parents, and now more than ever their leadership team understands that parents have enough going on as it is. Fundraising shouldn’t be just one more thing parents and school administrators (many of whom are parents themselves as well) need to worry about. That’s why Apex serves as the helping hand when it comes to maximizing schools’ fundraising potential, creating safe avenues for garnering donations in each school’s neighborhood and across the globe and providing contactless payment options for sponsors.

When school as we knew it changed instantaneously, Apex Virtual was rolled out at schools across the nation with amazing feedback from parents, teachers, and principals. Apex Virtual is an extension of their traditional format that aims to provide students with a fun, encouraging, and motivating program while also maximizing fundraising opportunities for schools during this difficult time. There is power in working together — to help schools raise money and to get through this pandemic. Together.