Important Tips to Help Kids Prepare for the First Day of School

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Posted under General 

It’s time to get back to class! While there may be some first-day jitters or even a little anxiety, a new school year should be a time of discovery and excitement for students. To help easy any nerves, Apex Leadership Company offers the following tips to help kids prepare for the first day of school.

Check The List — By now students should have their class schedules, know who their teachers are going to be and have received their class supply lists. Getting all those items purchased and in their proper places (some classrooms allow students to bring in supplies a few days prior to the first day of school) before the first day back will help students feel organized and “ready” to get to work when the first bell rings. Waiting until the last minute tends to add to feelings of chaos or disorganization, which can make parents and students a little stressed!

Get Back on Track — For many families, summer is a time to lax a little on bedtimes and regular schedules for meal times and more. But a routine schedule can help students know what to expect and what’ next to come, which can be comforting for many.

Create a Study Space — Designate an area in the home or students’ bedrooms that is just for storing school work, doing homework, reading and other school-related efforts. That way, once school gets into full swing, students will know exactly where all their school things should go and where they can go when they need a quiet place to study.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise — A good night’s sleep is so important for many reasons. For students, a solid seven or eight hours of rest can make the difference between feeling well rested and ready to focus on the first day of school — or not. Waking up early and giving students plenty of time to get out of bed, eat a nourishing breakfast and get their things together before heading out the door without having to rush is an essential way to kick off a great first day of school.

Prepare the Night Before — Before hitting the sack on the “first day of school eve,” students and parents can work together to get as much ready for the next day as possible. That means packing a lunch and storing it in the fridge, getting all those important school supplies into the backpack, laying out clothes for the next day and more.

As kids around the country prepare to head back to class, they may feel a little sad that summer break is over or nervous about a new year ahead. Parents can help ease their nerves with some positive reinforcement and encouragement. Apex Leadership Company wishes students and parents alike a great start to the new school year!

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Helping Kids Transition into a New School Year

Monday, July 8, 2019 Posted under General 

While it’s only July, the start of a new school year will be here in no time. New classes, schedules, school supplies… and, for some, a whole new school. Whether transitioning from another city or state, making the jump from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school or simply getting ready to return to the same school a grade level up, Apex Leadership Company offers tips to make any transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Get an Early Start – Routine is important for many personalities – in children and adults alike. Many people thrive on knowing what to expect or by following an outlined schedule. However, throughout the summer many school-year routines go by the wayside. Instead of waiting until the week before school starts to gather new school supplies or get back on a regular bedtime routine, start easing into these things little by little so that by the time the new school year starts, the foundation of a schedule will be in place, and the students will be prepared with their supplies. Not feeling rushed into a new schedule can naturally help avoid any tension or anxiety that comes with not feeling “ready.”

Meet the Teachers — Many schools offer a meet-and-greet event a few days before school starts which gives students a chance to meet their teachers, see their classrooms and in many cases even start loading school supplies into their desks. If possible, take advantage of this opportunity. Simply being on campus, getting the lay of the land, being introduced to the teacher (and perhaps seeing some old friends or having the chance to meet a few new friendly faces), and identifying one’s own place within his or her classroom can be very reassuring when it comes to the first day back to class.

Get Some Shut-Eye — A good night’s rest can offer some serious health benefits. And school-aged children should be getting between 10 and 11 restful hours of sleep each night. Those that don’t may end up having trouble in school — and the lack of sleep could even lead to anxiety. Helping students get their required hours of rest each night can help kids ease into the new school year and reduce the stress that a transition can cause. It’s a good idea to start instilling a solid sleep routine long before the school year starts, as it can take weeks to really get into the habit and start seeing the benefits of a good night’s rest.

Talk About It — Parents should stay in constant contact with their children during this (and any) transitional time. If children are feeling nervous or scared, they should know they can go to the parent with questions or concerns. It’s important that parents and guardians make themselves available to their children with an open line of communication, be there to listen to their children’s concerns, and suggest possible solutions to help ease the child’s concerns. 

Get Involved — For young children that are taking their first leap into school with preschool or kindergarten to tweens entering middle school, having a friendly face around campus might just be the thing they need to help get adjusted at a new school. This is a good opportunity for parents to volunteer to help in the classroom (which is generally very welcomed in the lower grade levels) or for other on-campus responsibilities.

Transitioning to a new school or into a new school year can often be stressful or cause students to be a little anxious, which is natural. However, with these easy steps, parents and guardians can help their children start the new school year off with flying colors.

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New Franchise Alert: Buffalo New York

Monday, July 8, 2019 Posted under General 

The Apex Leadership Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new Apex branch in Buffalo, New York. With his experience and passion for leadership development, fitness and fundraising, Mike O’Neill is at the helm of this new location to serve the communities and youth in Greater Buffalo and upstate New York.