Fun and Educational Games to Play Over Winter Break

Winter break is here! It’s finally time for kids to get some much-deserved time off from school, studying, tests, holiday parties and — phew! They’re probably going to be exhausted… for the first few days. After that and celebrating holidays with family and loved ones, there is a lot of time to fill before kids head back to class in January! So why not sneak a little education disguised as fun?

Travel Games — Many families may be hitting the road (or the skies!) over break to visit family or simply get away from it all. All the travel time can be put to good use with a few fun and interactive family games. Good road trip time passers (that can help spread a little knowledge and keep kids sharp) include classics such as trying to find license plates from all 50 states or naming objects in the order of the alphabet to visual scavenger hunts, 20 questions and more. During a long flight, think crossword puzzles, color by numbers, trivia games, or brain teasers.

Travel Math — For those that love numbers, solicit help adding up the total miles traveling or estimated travel time. Allowing kids to help with the travel budget (estimating the cost of a quick fast food drive through versus making sandwiches to eat on the road, for example) is another fun way to include a mini math lesson. Give older kids the responsibility of “handling” the check when dining out or visiting a souvenir shop, encouraging them to add in tip (when dining) and ensuring they get the appropriate change back.

Get Crafty — So many craft kits are designed with an educational purpose, but they are simply fun too! Even making a gingerbread house involves some brain work and skill — aligning the sides (basic architecture at work!), counting out even amounts of cinnamon dots for the window frames — it all adds up to a little education!

Read Holiday Stories Together — Many families enjoy the pastime of reading holiday stories before bedtime or curled up on a particularly cold and dreary winter’s day. Take turns reading pages or chapters so that everyone gets a chance to keep their reading skills sharp over the break.

Educational Video Games — It’s no secret that technology is likely going to be a part of everyone’s holiday break. So instead of fighting screen time, embrace it with limits and boundaries — selecting a certain amount of time for video game play each day and encouraging games that include some element of education (even if it’s disguised as just playing!)

The Apex Leadership family wishes students, teachers and families the best this holiday season and is hoping everyone takes the time to relax and destress over winter break. Happy Holidays!