It’s already December, which means the holidays and the winter break from school are just a few short weeks away. And while it’s important that students have much-deserved free time, the break shouldn’t be used as a massive video game playing or YouTube watching marathon. Apex Leadership Co. suggests ideas to keep students busy and engaged over winter break this season.

Get in the Game

Game night can be a fun family bonding experience and a great way to allow everyone to step away from the electronics for a little bit. For those that prefer a quieter family night, pull out a puzzle! Grab all the family members visiting from out of town, neighbors, and friends and play tag football in the yard or go to an escape room and work together to solve a mystery. There are plenty of other ‘games’ besides the electronic ones, so get gaming!

Look on the Bright Side

Cooped up in the house for too long? Why not bundle up and take a walk to enjoy all the holiday lights brightening up the neighborhood. Or hop in the car with mugs of hot cocoa and coffee and drive through a holiday light display in the community. Nothing sparks the spirit of the season like viewing holiday lights! Tis’ the season!

Get Cooking

With all the holiday feasting that happens during winter break, parents and guardians can use this as an opportunity to teach kids valuable kitchen skills. From making a list and gathering items at the grocery store to measuring, chopping, and mixing, cooking together is fun for the family and is an excellent skill for students to have as they grow up and move on! Allows kids to get involved in the planning and execution of the meal, including what to make, ingredients to add, and how to present the dish at the holiday table.

Stay Committed to Obligations

While downtime is definitely vital to let students recharge over the winter break, it’s also important not to let studies slide altogether, particularly those that struggle. Maintain nightly reading time as well as any routine tutoring appointments. Even if the kids don’t have a specific test to study for or an assignment to work on, the time with an expert can help keep their minds fresh on the material for when it’s time to get back to class in the New Year.

Schedule Screen Time

Parents, shed that screen-time guilt! It’s okay for the kids to have some. Just be sure to manage the amount of time they’re spending online and their viewing content. There are plenty of educational games and ways that screen time can help encourage connectivity, so seek those diamonds out of the rough!

Apex Leadership Co. encourages families to take the time to slow down and enjoy the winter break with their kids, friends, and loved ones. There’s no time like the holidays to show love and appreciation for one another, reflect on the year, and start the New Year off with new goals and ambitions.