Apex Leadership Co. values leadership lessons as an integral part of the fundraising programs they offer to students and youth groups because the future needs strong leaders! And building those future leaders starts now — with lessons in the classroom and at home that can help shape the character of today’s youth. Apex Leadership Co. offers five valuable lessons that are never too early (and never too late!) to start teaching to students.

Being Vocal — Everyone should grow up knowing and truly believing that they have a voice that has a place in this world, a voice that needs to be heard. This is a big lesson, but a very important one. It’s a large part of children’s self-esteem and identity. Having a voice means they can stick up for themselves (and their friends) when needed, that they can help make a positive change in the world and that they can express themselves when they need a helping hand. The voices of today’s youth count, and Apex Leadership Co. wants to hear them! Encouraging students to speak up for what they believe in is a powerful leadership lesson.

Accountability and Responsibility — Being responsible and being accountable go hand in hand. Students need to learn to be responsible for their own selves and their actions as they grow into future leaders. This includes things like remembering to study for a test or taking the dog for a walk after school. Being accountable also means owning up to one’s actions… Say, for example, if they bombed a test because they didn’t study. But that in itself is a great learning lesson for both responsibility and accountability.

Time Management — It’s safe to say that nearly everyone has spent a little too much time scrolling social media, binging Netflix, or playing video games, but those things (and other distractions) can become real-time suckers! Crafting a daily agenda (and sticking to it!) is another important attribute that next-generation leaders should know how to do. Time management is key for catching the bus, getting to class on time, and making time to study… Not to mention fitting in time to do something students are passionate about. There should always be time in a child’s day to do something they love.

Working Together — Group work in the classroom or on a team is an invaluable way to help students problem-solve together. It also allows students to help one another determine their strengths and help develop those strengths in a team setting and open up their minds to diverse opinions and ways to approach a challenge.

And Independently — While learning to collaborate is important, learning to work independently is also essential in building the leaders of tomorrow. Students should be confident in trusting their own instincts and have the self-assurance and pride to develop their own projects and ideas.

These important skills can help provide a solid foundation as youth continue through life and become leaders of tomorrow. Apex Leadership Co. encourages guardians, teachers, and mentors to help develop these skills in children today!