There are many things to consider when planning a middle school fundraiser. While the basics for any fundraiser (monetary goal, event or sales approach, etc.) need to be fleshed out by the school administration and PTO/PTA, it’s important to remember the unique age group when putting together middle school fundraising ideas to ensure the most successful outcome for the school and students themselves. Apex Leadership Co. offers the following tips when it comes to fundraising for middle schoolers.

It’s important when planning a fundraiser to think about not only what type of event or sales would be most beneficial for the buyer, but also what type would be most fun for the age group. Fundraising takes a lot of work. However, to be even more successful, middle schoolers need to be motivated in the right way to want to do acts of kindness at school. Motivation is key — and it can be a lot of fun, too… for everyone involved.

For example, younger students in elementary school may enjoy a carnival with bouncy houses to serve as a fundraising event, while middle schoolers may prefer a carnival with music, dancing, and amusement rides. Apex Leadership Co. has dedicated programs for various age groups that are designed to motivate students at any level. For example, while the Fun Run program is perfect for elementary school students, the Color Battle is curated specifically for middle school-aged students.

Developed by educators, Apex Leadership Co.’s programs are led by energetic coaches and team members that engage with students in the acts of kindness at school — including hanging out with them a lunch, PE and recess to help the kids get excited about the event and to motivate them to make the fundraiser as successful as possible. School administrators and PTO/PTA members should think outside the box when it comes to the type of fundraising ideas for middle schools. It’s important to select a program or event that will be the best for the age group and to make it fun for the students so they are inspired to take accountability of their role in the event. As of late, some principals and teachers have been helping their students take their fundraising efforts to the next level by upping the ante. To encourage students to meet or even surpass their fundraising goals, principals, coaches and staff have been known to sleep on the roof of their school in a tent, cut their hair into a mullet and other silly (yet effective!) ways to motivate their students to meet their goals.

Another key component that should be considered for middle school fundraising is the span of reach. As technology advances and especially now as many schools have taken to at least some component of online learning, web-based fundraising can be more beneficial than ever. With Apex Leadership Co’s web-based fundraising format, middle schoolers can reach limitless potential as it relates to raising money for their school. Rather than selling door to door, students can reach potential supporters through a variety of social media formats as well as text, email and more.

Just as important as selecting the right type of fundraiser for middle school students as acts of kindness at school, is planning and preparing to ensure the fundraiser is as successful as possible. School administrators, PTO/PTA members and volunteer parents and guardians are largely responsible for the work involved in planning a fundraiser so that should certainly be considered when thinking about middle school fundraising ideas. Some events can be not only pricey to execute, but also very labor-intensive. That’s another reason why enlisting the help of a fundraising company like Apex Leadership Co. can help a middle school fundraiser be more effective. Without the proper amount of volunteers and the ample time to prepare, a fundraising event can fall flat or become a large burden on the few that are left in charge of putting it on.

  1. But Apex fundraisers are designed to be hassle- and stress-free for school administrators and parents alike, while also ensuring the school benefits as much as possible.

When selecting the right fundraiser for any particular middle school group, it’s important to consider what will serve as the most incentive to motivate students to earn more funds and work hard to meet their goal. Speaking of goals, it’s always a good idea when preparing for a fundraiser to define the monetary goal as well as how the money will benefit students and the school. For example, if students are encouraged to raise $10,000 for their school, it would help for them to know that with those funds new technology will be purchased for classrooms. This is also helpful for students to be able to share with supporters and potential donors.

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Involving middle school students in acts of kindness at school means, not only what kind of event to put on, but as well as their role in how to make it successful is another key for any fundraiser. Ultimately, their participation is what will make or break a fundraiser, so it behooves everyone involved to make sure the students are excited about the fundraiser and committed to reaching their goal.

Regardless of the type of fundraiser that a middle school decides upon, finding the best ways to motivate this student group is essential. That’s where some of those silly, and out-of-the-box and downright fun incentives come in handy. These can really encourage students to reach and exceed their goal while also making the fundraiser something they truly want to participate in. Ultimately, it’s all about what each person — from school staff to students — can do to benefit the cause.

Apex Leadership Co. is well versed in creating fun programs for students and youth groups of all ages to ensure they raise the maximum funds for their school or team. Putting on a fundraiser and going out to raise money takes a lot of work. But Apex aims to take a large load of that work off the administration, the PTO/PTA and the parents through programs that provide limitless fundraising and a lot of fun for the students themselves! So when considering middle school fundraising ideas, let Apex take the lead!