There are a lot of things that parents need to be aware of as the school year rolls around including their kids’ class schedules, supply lists, upcoming events, afterschool extracurriculars… the list goes on and on! Finding out about their child’s school fundraiser shouldn’t be another stressor to add to their already long to-do lists. So here Apex Leadership Co. breaks down what their fundraisers are all about and the top five things parents should know about an Apex program:

  1.     There is No Selling Involved — In today’s world, sending kids door to door to sell candles, chocolates or wrapping paper is not as effective (or as safe) as it once was. With Apex Leadership Co.’s web-based donation format, students don’t have to worry about going out selling products and they can expand their reach to supporters, such as family around the country, as well as through social media outlets.
  1.     Apex Teaches the Importance of Leadership Skills and Fitness — Every Apex program includes a two-week format led by energetic, inspiring youth coaches that come right into the classroom to teach leadership lessons (each new school year Apex presents a new theme with accompanying lessons) and get kids exciting about the entire program, including a fun run, glow run, obstacle course or color battle at the end of the two weeks.
  1.     Teachers Have Skin in the Game — In addition to prizes to help motivate students to raise funds, teachers themselves can get in on the game. They can help coach their students to raise more funds knowing that at the end of the fundraiser, a portion of what the classroom raises goes directly back to that teacher to benefit his or her classroom.
  1.     It’s All-Inclusive for Every Student — Apex is for everybody. The leadership lessons and fitness aspects are designed to include all students. The Apex Leadership Co. team has seen students really step up to help their classmates in challenging situations “cross the finish line” just like every other student. An Apex fundraiser isn’t just about raising funds (though it does maximize this opportunity), it’s about empowering students to be their best selves and to leave a positive impact on those around them — such as including and helping their own classmates.
  1.     There are Various Programs for Specific Age Groups — Apex Leadership Co. offers different programs that are age appropriate for students from elementary school through middle school. Each and every program includes elements of fitness, fun and leadership development.

 In short, Apex Leadership Co. is a hassle-free program that maximizes funds raised (70 percent more than other fundraisers to be exact) while building leaders of tomorrow. For more about an Apex Leadership Co. fundraiser, visit